Students vs Traffic: The Hustle to Reach Exam Centres on Time

Students vs Traffic: With the ongoing examinations conducted by both the State Board and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the city is grappling with heavy traffic issues during specific time slots. The chaos is exacerbated by the haphazard road construction and concretization projects, causing significant challenges for students and parents heading to examination centers. In this article, we’ll explore the traffic woes faced by students, highlighting specific areas affected and the need for strategic planning to navigate these challenges successfully.

Traffic Troubles Across the City

The city’s road infrastructure is undergoing various changes, leading to traffic messes on several routes approaching schools. Examples include the concretization of the road between Maharajbagh Square and Press Club Square, repairs on the road in Dhantoli from Mehadia Square to Mulik Hospital, and the construction of a road from Shatabdi Nagar Square to Manish Nagar Square. Other bottlenecks include the narrowing of the road from Agrasen Square to Ashok Chowk due to the construction of a long bridge, closures at Kriplani Square and Narendra Nagar bridge, and the ongoing construction near Dhiran Kanya School.

Impact on Students’ Journey

Students coming from East, South, or West Nagpur, with St Ursula Girls High School as their exam center, face challenges on the road between Maharajbagh Square to Press Club. The concretization near the Institute of Science forces commuters to use the other side of the road, creating difficulties for vehicles coming from Freedom Park. This traffic congestion significantly adds to the stress and woes of students, hindering their timely arrival at examination centers.

Deputy Commissioner’s Advisory

Shashikant Satav, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) (Traffic), has issued a plea for people to assess the distance to their exam centers from their homes and plan their departure accordingly. He recommends that students allocate extra time, starting 40 minutes prior to the expected arrival time set by the Board. This additional buffer helps students compensate for any delays caused by unexpected traffic situations.

Teacher’s Perspective

A Saisudha, a Mathematics teacher, emphasizes the importance of following the time plan suggested by the police. She notes that some students neglect this advice, leading to unnecessary stress. Saisudha advises students to start early, highlighting that reaching the exam center ahead of time can be more beneficial than starting late and dealing with the anxiety of covering a time gap.

Special Traffic Management During Events

During crucial events like the Mahayuva Sammelan organized by Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, where VIPs like J P Nadda, President of Bharatiya Janata Party, are expected, traffic management becomes even more critical. The police will be engaged in handling both VIP movements and students’ transit for examinations. In such situations, students and parents must plan meticulously, considering potential disruptions and delays.

Navigating traffic challenges during exam  (Students vs Traffic) times requires proactive planning and adherence to suggested timeframes. Students, parents, and educators should collaborate to ensure smooth transitions to examination centers, especially during periods of heightened traffic due to ongoing construction and special events.



1. How can students plan their journey to exam centers more effectively?

Plan your departure by considering the distance to the center from your home. Start at least 40 minutes earlier than the expected arrival time suggested by the Board.

2. What advice do teachers offer regarding traffic challenges during exams?

Teachers recommend following the time plan provided by the police, emphasizing the importance of starting early to avoid unnecessary stress.

3. How can students cope with unexpected traffic congestion?

Allocate extra time in your travel plan to account for potential delays. Being early and waiting at the center is preferable to starting late and risking delays.

4. How does special traffic management during events impact students’ transit?

During events with VIP movements, such as political gatherings, students need to plan meticulously, considering potential disruptions and delays caused by increased traffic.

5. Are there alternative routes suggested to avoid ongoing road construction?

While specific alternative routes may not be mentioned, it is advisable for students to stay informed about ongoing construction and plan their routes accordingly.

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