Click2Cloud Unveils Ambitious AI Venture at Mihan-SEZ, Nagpur

Nagpur witnessed a groundbreaking event on Sunday as Click2Cloud, the brainchild of entrepreneur Prashant Mishra, unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI) unit at the Mihan-SEZ. Mishra, a prominent figure who once contested Lok Sabha elections from Bhandara, is set to pioneer a new era in AI technology. The company, having secured co-developer status, plans to initiate the development of 80,000 sq ft on its 1.8-acre plot within the SEZ.

Click2Cloud’s ambitious project signals a remarkable milestone in the region, with the potential to accommodate up to 4,000 tech professionals. Despite this expansive capacity, the initial operations are slated to begin with a modest workforce of 400 employees. Mishra envisions broader job creation, estimating around 1,000 jobs when considering other entities to be involved.

Vision for Agricultural Revolution

Mishra shared insights into Click2Cloud’s visionary approach, particularly its focus on revolutionizing the agriculture sector. The AI-based product aims to empower farmers by providing real-time information about soil conditions through cutting-edge technology. Currently servicing seven countries, along with select areas in India, Click2Cloud is positioned as a global player in agricultural technology.

Challenges Addressed at Inauguration

During the inauguration ceremony, Development Commissioner Sraman Vasireddy raised crucial concerns about the Mihan-SEZ project. In the presence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, the chief guest at the event, Vasireddy emphasized the need for strategic interventions. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the SEZ, he urged Gadkari to assume the role of chief patron for the unit holders advisory committee.

Vasireddy highlighted the existing gap in operational units, revealing that out of 96 allocated units, only 36 are currently operational within the SEZ. The active land occupancy stands at 243 hectares, a fraction of the total available land. Seeking Gadkari’s support, Vasireddy proposed an extensive marketing campaign for Mihan-SEZ through road shows and seminars across the nation.

Advocating for Mihan’s Prosperity

The minister was apprised of the imperative to enhance awareness and attract investments to Mihan-SEZ. Vasireddy stressed the necessity of robust marketing strategies to bolster the region’s economic growth. The proposal included the establishment of an advisory committee, predominantly comprising representatives from companies within Mihan, fostering collaboration and sustainable development.

In conclusion, Click2Cloud’s foray into Mihan-SEZ marks a significant leap for AI technology, while the strategic discussions during the inauguration underscore the collective efforts required to propel Mihan’s growth. With Gadkari urged to champion the cause, the future holds promise for both technological innovation and economic prosperity in the region.

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