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DGP Shukla’s Strategic Visit to RSS HQ: Unraveling Security Measures in Nagpur

In a pivotal move, State Director General of Police (DGP) Rashmi Shukla embarked on her first visit to Vidarbha, marking a significant extension of her tenure by two years. The visit encompassed diverse activities, from boosting morale at the 72nd All India Police Volleyball Cluster games to assessing security protocols at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur.

A Day in Gadchiroli: Beyond Policing

Encouraging Sportspersons at All India Police Volleyball Cluster Games

The visit commenced with DGP Shukla’s enthusiastic engagement at the 72nd All India Police Volleyball Cluster games in Gadchiroli. As a fervent supporter of sportsmanship within the police force, Shukla’s presence resonated with the participating athletes, elevating the spirit of the event.

Insightful Tour to Remote Police Posts

Shukla’s commitment extended to the hinterlands as she visited the Manne Rajaram and Bhamragarh police posts in Gadchiroli. This not only showcased her dedication to understanding the ground realities but also strengthened the bond between the police force and the local communities.

Empowering Women: Agricultural Study Tour

A notable highlight was the initiation of an agricultural study tour, where Shukla flagged off a bus carrying 45 women from Bhamragarh for an enriching experience. This move underscores the DGP‘s multifaceted approach, combining security concerns with community development.

Strategic Review at RSS Headquarters

Revisiting History: Shukla’s Connection with RSS Security

An intriguing aspect of the visit was Shukla’s return to familiar territory – the RSS headquarters in Nagpur. Notably, she had previously overseen RSS security as Zonal DCP in Nagpur nearly two-and-a-half decades ago. This visit marked a significant reunion with the institution under her current role as the state’s first woman DGP.

Analyzing Security Deployment

The crux of the visit lay in Shukla’s meticulous review of security measures at the RSS headquarters, particularly outside the sensitive establishment at Mahal. Given the historical targeting of this location by terrorist outfits, Shukla’s scrutiny emphasized the paramount importance of safeguarding such strategic institutions.

Briefing by Nagpur Officials

During her visit, Shukla was accompanied by high-ranking police officials who provided detailed insights into the security measures and safety layers implemented at the RSS headquarters. The exchange aimed to keep the DGP abreast of the current security scheme, ensuring the continued safety of the institution and its office-bearers.

Conclusion: Bridging Security and Community

In conclusion, (DGP Shukla) DGP Rashmi Shukla’s visit to Gadchiroli and the RSS headquarters serves as a testament to the nuanced role of law enforcement. Beyond the conventional policing duties, Shukla’s engagement with sports, community empowerment, and strategic security reviews reflects a holistic approach to her responsibilities.


1. What prompted DGP Rashmi Shukla’s visit to Gadchiroli?

DGP Shukla visited Gadchiroli to boost morale at the All India Police Volleyball Cluster games, assess security, and engage with remote police posts.

2. Why did Shukla flag off a bus for an agricultural study tour?

Shukla initiated an agricultural study tour to empower women in Bhamragarh, showcasing a commitment to community development.

3. How did Shukla’s visit to the RSS headquarters unfold?

The visit involved a strategic review of security measures, a historical connection to RSS security, and a briefing by Nagpur officials on present safety protocols.

4. What is the significance of Shukla’s role as the state’s first woman DGP?

Shukla’s role signifies a groundbreaking achievement, adding a unique perspective to law enforcement leadership.

5. How does Shukla’s visit reflect a holistic approach to policing?

Shukla’s engagement with sports, community empowerment, and security reviews showcases a holistic approach, recognizing the multifaceted role of law enforcement.

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