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DGP Rashmi Shukla Takes Stand Against Extravagant Farewell Ceremonies During Police Transfers

Objections Raised by DGP Shukla

Director General of Police (DGP) Rashmi Shukla has voiced strong objections to the opulent farewell ceremonies organized during police transfers across the state. Expressing concerns over deviations from standard police procedures, DGP Shukla warns of stringent actions against those participating in such extravagant practices.

Routine Transfers and Established Protocols

Officers within the Maharashtra State Police Force undergo routine transfers in accordance with rules and administrative necessities. Farewell ceremonies, intended to honor these transitioning officers, have recently come under scrutiny for practices that veer away from established protocols.

Unconventional Practices Criticized

DGP Shukla highlighted unconventional practices observed during these ceremonies, including officers in police uniform being adorned with colored sashes, showered with flowers, and subjected to unconventional rituals such as being pulled in a vehicle with a rope. Such departures from standard procedures have raised concerns about the integrity and professionalism of the police force.

Social Media Publicity and Public Perception

The DGP expressed discontent with officers publicizing these events on social media, emphasizing that citizens value genuine performance over extravagant displays. She noted that such practices not only attract cheap publicity but also become subjects of ridicule among the public.

Clear Directives for Standard Procedures

In response to these concerns, DGP Shukla issued clear instructions to all Heads of Police units, stressing the importance of adherence to standard procedures during farewell ceremonies. The directive underscores the need to avoid inappropriate practices, with supervisory officers instructed to give strict guidance to all police stations under their purview.

Accountability and Consequences

DGP Shukla’s order holds unit heads and supervisory officers accountable for taking strict action against any deviation or failure to comply with the established instructions. Additionally, she warns that any violation brought to the attention of the Police Headquarters will result in the concerned Head of the Unit being held accountable for the breach of established procedures.

The move by DGP Rashmi Shukla signals a commitment to maintaining the professionalism and dignity of the police force, ensuring that farewell ceremonies align with the high standards expected from law enforcement.

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