Crawl Continues: PWD Pushes Back Deadline of Wadi and RTO Flyovers

Delayed but Determined: Nagpur’s Flyover Projects Witness Deadline Extension

Wadi Flyover Nagpur: In a bid to alleviate traffic congestion on Nagpur bustling Amravati Road, the national highways division of the state public works department (PWD) has announced extensions to the completion deadlines of two crucial flyovers. These infrastructure projects aim to enhance connectivity and streamline traffic flow in key areas of the city.

Revised Timelines

The first flyover, linking Wadi Naka (Gurudwara) to Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, is now slated for completion by the end of May, according to the revised deadline. Simultaneously, the second flyover, spanning from University Campus Square to the RTO office, is expected to be finished by February 28, 2025. These extensions come as a response to various challenges encountered during the construction phase.

Overcoming Obstacles

The construction of the 2.46km Wadi flyover faced significant delays, primarily due to the presence of high-tension wires. To facilitate the construction work at the bustling Wadi junction, the Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited (MSETCL) was tasked with raising the height of 132KV electric lines from 10.5 meters to 28 meters. This crucial adjustment was imperative for the seamless execution of the flyover project, which forms part of the Rs478 crore Amravati Road traffic improvement initiative initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

Ongoing Progress

While construction on one side of Amravati Road has reached completion, work on the Wadi T-point section remains temporarily halted to accommodate the necessary height adjustments of high-tension wires. Foundations for three monopoles have already been laid, with two nearing completion and the third set to commence soon. Once the foundations are ready, MSETCL will proceed with erecting the monopoles, followed by cable stringing. This phase will involve intermittent power supply interruptions, particularly affecting the MIDC Hingna area for approximately four hours daily over three to four days.

Future Prospects

Despite these challenges, progress continues, with the flyover anticipated to be operational by the first week of June this year. Similarly, the deadline for the construction of the 2.85km flyover from the RTO office to University Campus Square has been extended to February 28, 2025. This adjustment follows the NH division’s inability to secure permission for tree felling, essential for the project’s progression. Out of the 127 trees earmarked for removal, 65 have already been cut down, accompanied by compensatory plantation efforts at University Campus.

The extension of deadlines for the Wadi and RTO flyovers underscores the complexities involved in large-scale infrastructure projects. Despite encountering various obstacles, the PWD remains committed to delivering enhanced transportation solutions for Nagpur residents and commuters.


  1. Will the deadline extensions impact traffic flow during construction? The PWD aims to minimize disruptions and ensure alternative routes are available to mitigate any inconvenience to commuters.
  2. How will the construction affect local businesses along Amravati Road? The project team is working closely with local stakeholders to address concerns and minimize disruptions to businesses in the vicinity.
  3. What measures are in place to ensure the safety of construction workers and pedestrians? Stringent safety protocols and traffic management strategies are implemented to safeguard both workers and pedestrians during the construction phase.
  4. How will the completed flyovers contribute to Nagpur’s infrastructure development? Once operational, the flyovers will enhance connectivity, reduce travel time, and alleviate congestion on key routes, thereby enhancing overall infrastructure efficiency.
  5. What steps are being taken to mitigate environmental impact during construction? The project adheres to environmental regulations, with measures in place for tree transplantation, compensatory plantation, and minimizing carbon footprint throughout the construction process.

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