Sena (UBT)’s Sakhare: A Solo Journey in Ramtek

The Stir in Ramtek

In the political landscape of Nagpur, a significant upheaval is underway as the Ramtek Lok Sabha constituency shifts allegiance to the Congress under the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) alliance. This transition has triggered a rebellion among a faction of local Shiv Sainiks (UBT), with Suresh Sakhare expressing his intention to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha polls as an independent candidate.

The Sena Saga

Ramtek has been a stronghold for the united Shiv Sena since 2014. However, following a split in the party, sitting MP Krupal Tumane switched sides to Eknath Shinde’s faction, thereby diluting the influence of the Uddhav Thackeray-led faction.

Sakhare’s Defiance

When questioned about his decision, Sakhare affirmed his commitment, stating, “This (Ramtek) has been Shiv Sena’s bastion, and our voter base remains intact. I did not consult anyone as the party high command has remained silent on the matter.” Such defiance places Sakhare on the brink of expulsion, should he proceed with his independent candidacy.

Unrest Within Sena Ranks

Despite Sakhare’s resolve, some Sena leaders in Ramtek express skepticism regarding his unilateral decision. Comparisons are drawn to the 2019 assembly polls, where Ashish Jaiswal of Shiv Sena contested independently, only to later pledge allegiance to Uddhav Thackeray post-victory, amidst the party’s eventual split.

Déjà Vu for Shiv Sena

Observers speculate that history might be repeating itself for Shiv Sena in Ramtek. Sakhare, however, dismisses such theories, asserting, “I am simply following my conscience.”

Impact on MVA

The looming question remains: Will Sakhare’s rebellion affect MVA? Congress leaders downplay its significance, citing the smaller constituency size in the 2019 assembly polls. Congress candidate Rashmi Barve faces competition from former party colleague Raju Parwe, now contesting on a Sena (Shinde) ticket.

As Suresh Sakhare sets out on his solo political journey in Ramtek, the ramifications of his rebellion on the MVA alliance and the Shiv Sena’s stronghold in the region remain to be seen.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why is Sakhare opting for an independent candidacy?
    • Sakhare believes in his convictions and deems it the right course of action, irrespective of party directives.
  2. How might Sakhare’s rebellion impact the Shiv Sena’s influence in Ramtek?
    • Sakhare’s rebellion could potentially disrupt the Sena’s dominance in the region, depending on voter response and support.
  3. What are the Congress’s views on Sakhare’s decision?
    • Congress leaders downplay its impact, citing the constituency’s smaller size in previous polls.
  4. Who are the main contenders in the upcoming elections in Ramtek?
  5. How does Sakhare’s rebellion align with the broader political landscape of Nagpur?
    • Sakhare’s rebellion reflects the shifting dynamics within political alliances, particularly amidst the MVA coalition.

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