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Moving Aapli Bus Ignites Spectacle at Kadbi Square! No Casualties Reported

Nagpur: In the wee hours of Saturday, a dramatic scene unfolded near Kadbi Square as a blazing Aapli Bus became the center of attention. Fortunately, the bus, devoid of passengers, turned into an inferno without causing harm to anyone, as reported by NMC‘s fire and emergency services department.

Chronicle of Flames: Aapli Bus’s Fiery Encounter at Kadbi Square

Kadbi Square Chronicles

As the clock struck 3:10 am, the Aapli Bus, en route from Khapri depot to refuel at a CNG station on Kalamna Ring Road, crossed the iconic Kadbi Square. Driver Nitin Rewade suddenly noticed wisps of smoke emanating from the engine compartment, signaling an impending catastrophe.

Race Against Time

Swiftly responding to the emergency, a fire tender from the Civil Lines fire station rushed to the scene. Despite their efforts, the flames had already consumed the entire bus. The intense fire, sparked by a short circuit, left behind a charred remnant of what was once a functional vehicle.

Unraveling the Aftermath: Assessing the Damage at Kadbi Square

Inferno’s Toll

The unfortunate incident resulted in the complete destruction of eight CNG tanks, seats, tires, and the bus cabin. The estimated financial loss amounts to a staggering ₹4.50 lakh. This incident marks the first time an Aapli Bus has caught fire in the current calendar year.

Eye-Witness Account: Avinash Bhujade Speaks Out

Insights from Travel Time Manager

Avinash Bhujade, the manager of Travel Time, one of the Red Bus operators, provided insights into the fateful journey. He stated that the bus, bound for refueling, met its untimely fate at the notorious Kadbi Square. The timing and circumstances aligned, leading to a swift and overwhelming combustion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What caused the fire at Kadbi Square?

  • The fire at Kadbi Square (Nagpur) was triggered by a short circuit in the Aapli Bus’s engine compartment.

2. Were there any casualties in the incident?

  • Thankfully, no one was injured as the bus was empty when the fire erupted.

3. How did the emergency services respond to the situation?

  • The Civil Lines (Nagpur) fire station promptly dispatched a fire tender, but the bus had already succumbed to the flames upon their arrival.

4. What components of the bus were most affected by the fire?

  • The inferno ravaged eight CNG tanks, seats, tires, and the entire cabin of the Aapli Bus.

5. What is the estimated financial loss from the incident?

  • The total loss is estimated to be ₹4.50 lakh, covering the destruction of the bus and its components.

6. Is this the first time an Aapli Bus has caught fire?

  • Yes, this incident marks the inaugural case of an Aapli Bus catching fire in the current calendar year.

An Unforgettable Night at Kadbi Square

The incident involving the Aapli Bus at Kadbi Square serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of events. While the bus succumbed to the flames, the fortunate absence of passengers prevented any injuries or casualties. As the authorities investigate the root cause, Kadbi Square remains in the spotlight, urging commuters and authorities alike to prioritize safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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