Securing the Vote: Kalamna Market Transforms into a Fortress Ahead of Counting Day

Preparing for the Big Day

Nagpur election: With the Lok Sabha election’s counting day looming closer, the district administration in Nagpur is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a smooth and secure process. Kalamna Market has been transformed into a stronghold, ready to handle the influx of ballots and the scrutiny that follows.

Assembly-wise Arrangements

To streamline the process, counting will be conducted assembly-wise, with meticulous planning evident in the allocation of resources. Each assembly constituency will have 20 tables dedicated to counting, ensuring efficiency and organization.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Recognizing the significance of security, a robust system has been put in place. The administration has reserved 120 tables, with each manned by a counting supervisor, a counting assistant, and a police constable. This ensures not only accuracy but also a secure environment for the process.

Training and Preparation

Under the guidance of Collector Vipin Itankar, poll officials have undergone rigorous training sessions to familiarize themselves with the intricate procedures involved. From counting methodologies to media management and logistics, every aspect has been meticulously planned and rehearsed.

Logistical Readiness

Acknowledging the importance of medical facilities, provisions for first aid and medical assistance have been made available on-site. Additionally, special arrangements have been devised for the handling of postal ballots and electronic voting machines (EVMs), ensuring a seamless transition from one phase to the next.

Stringent Security Protocols

EVMs are stored securely in the Kalamna market area, safeguarded by a three-layered security system. Police, State Reserve Police Force (SRPF), and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) form concentric circles of protection around the strong rooms, ensuring unauthorized access is prevented.

As the district administration in Nagpur gears up for the pivotal task of counting votes, their meticulous planning and comprehensive security measures promise a transparent and efficient process. The transformation of Kalamna Market into a fortress underscores their commitment to upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

  1. Why is Kalamna Market chosen as the counting center?
    • Kalamna Market offers ample space and strategic location for efficient handling of the counting process.
  2. How many tables are reserved for counting in each constituency?
    • A total of 20 tables are allocated for each assembly constituency, ensuring a systematic approach to counting.
  3. What measures are in place for security during the counting process?
    • A three-layered security system, comprising police, SRPF, and CAPF, ensures the safety and integrity of the counting process.
  4. Are medical facilities available at the counting center?
    • Yes, provisions for first aid and medical assistance have been made to address any emergencies during the process.
  5. How are EVMs transported from the strong room to the counting center?

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