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All Heavy Vehicles to be Barred Near Ambazari Bridge to Ease Congestion

Ambazari bridge traffic congestion: Nagpur’s traffic woes are about to be eased, as heavy vehicles will soon be barred from traversing the Ambazari bridge. The decision comes in the wake of ongoing bridge dismantling works and the associated risks. This move, orchestrated by the state Public Works Department (PWD) in collaboration with the traffic department, aims to mitigate congestion and enhance safety.

The Current Situation: An Overview

The Ambazari bridge serves as a crucial connection between the Ambazari lake overflow point and the Ambazari T-point. However, with the bridge undergoing dismantling, only one side remains open, causing significant traffic congestion.

Challenges Faced

Heavy vehicles plying on the half-dismantled bridge pose a serious risk. Excavation activities for the new foundation might destabilise the soil under the open side, making it unsafe for heavy traffic.

The PWD’s Strategic Measures

Dismantling Process

Currently, about 70% of one side of the bridge has been dismantled. The remaining work is on hold pending the relocation of MSEDCL cables, which is crucial to avoid power disruptions for around 2 lakh consumers, mainly from Amravati Road.

Height Barriers Installation

To enforce the ban on heavy vehicles, the PWD will install height barriers within the next few days. This measure will prevent heavy vehicles from accessing the bridge, thereby reducing the risk and congestion.

Collaboration with Traffic Department

The PWD has coordinated with the traffic department to ensure smooth execution of these plans. DCP (Traffic) Shashikant Satav confirmed that the road will be closed to heavy vehicles once the height barriers are in place.

The Financial Implications

Project Cost Escalation

The cost of dismantling the Ambazari bridge has risen from an estimated ₹8 crore to ₹10.38 crore. The increase is attributed to the additional ₹2.50 crore demanded by MSETCL for cable damages and ₹38 lakh for temporary shifting of MSEDCL cables.

Future Costs

Relocating the MSEDCL cables permanently after the bridge’s reconstruction is expected to cost another ₹80 lakh, bringing the total project cost to approximately ₹11.18 crore.

Impact on Local Traffic

Temporary Traffic Solutions

PWD officials are devising temporary solutions to manage the traffic chaos expected between the Ambazari overflow point and Mate Square. The situation is likely to worsen once both sides of the road are closed.

Meeting to Address Issues

A meeting between PWD and city police is scheduled for May 27 to discuss long-term traffic management solutions for the area.

Safety Concerns

Soil Stability Risks

Excavation for the new bridge foundation might loosen the soil under the operational side, posing a danger to vehicles, especially heavy ones. Hence, the barring of heavy vehicles is a precautionary measure to ensure safety.

Temporary Power Solutions

MSEDCL is erecting poles to temporarily shift the cables, ensuring minimal disruption to the power supply during the dismantling process.

Community Impact

Consumer Power Supply

Around 2 lakh consumers are at risk of power cuts unless the MSEDCL cables are shifted promptly. This makes the timely relocation of cables critical.

Long-Term Benefits

Despite the immediate inconveniences, the barring of heavy vehicles and subsequent bridge reconstruction will ultimately ease traffic congestion and enhance safety for all road users.

Public Communication

PWD’s Transparency

PWD officials, including Executive Engineer Chandrashekhar Giri, have been transparent about the progress and challenges of the project. Regular updates are provided to keep the public informed.

Traffic Department’s Role

The traffic department is actively involved in implementing measures to mitigate congestion and ensure public safety during the bridge dismantling and reconstruction phases.

The decision to bar heavy vehicles from the Ambazari bridge is a necessary step to ensure safety and ease traffic congestion. While the process involves significant logistical and financial challenges, the long-term benefits for Nagpur’s commuters will be substantial. The collaboration between the PWD and the traffic department is crucial in navigating this complex project, promising a safer and more efficient traffic flow in the future.

  1. Why are heavy vehicles being barred from the Ambazari bridge? Heavy vehicles are being barred to reduce congestion and ensure safety during the bridge dismantling and reconstruction.
  2. What are the financial implications of the bridge project? The project cost has increased to approximately ₹11.18 crore due to additional expenses for cable damages and relocation.
  3. How will the barring of heavy vehicles affect local traffic? It will help ease congestion, though temporary traffic management solutions are being devised to handle the disruption.
  4. What measures are being taken to ensure power supply continuity? MSEDCL is temporarily shifting cables to prevent power cuts for around 2 lakh consumers.
  5. When will the height barriers be installed? The height barriers are expected to be installed within two to three days to enforce the ban on heavy vehicles.

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