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Fire Breaks Out at Biodiversity Park Ambazari: A Critical Environmental Concern

A Devastating Incident

Biodiversity Park Ambazari: On a seemingly ordinary Tuesday, tragedy struck at the heart of Nagpur’s natural beauty. Over 13 hectares of forest were engulfed in flames at the Ambazari Biodiversity Park on Hingna Road. The day began with billowing smoke spotted by vigilant fire watchers, leading to a frantic effort to contain the inferno.

The Response Efforts

A team of over 60-70 forest workers, staffers, and fire brigade personnel sprung into action, battling the blaze for a grueling four hours. The collaboration between the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and the forest department proved crucial, with five NMC fire tenders deployed strategically to quench the flames.

Crucial Assistance from NMC Fire Tenders

The timely intervention of NMC fire tenders prevented the fire from spreading further, safeguarding the nearby Little Wood area of MahaMetro. Eyewitnesses hailed the effectiveness of these interventions, highlighting the potential devastation averted by their swift action.

Understanding the Vulnerabilities

Historical Prevalence of Fires

Despite lacking tendu patta interest, the Ambazari forest has a troubling history of recurrent fires. Year after year, the area falls victim to numerous fire incidents, underscoring the persistent threat posed to its rich grasslands and diverse biodiversity.

Root Causes of Vulnerability

Various factors contribute to the susceptibility of the Ambazari forest to fires. The presence of garbage burning along the park’s fringes and the passage of old high-tension power transmission lines through the forest exacerbate the risk, creating a tinderbox environment primed for ignition.

Post-Incident Assessment and Future Mitigation

Evaluation and Investigation

Nagpur’s Deputy Conservator of Forest, Bharat Singh Hada, spearheads efforts to assess the damage inflicted by the fire. Investigations are underway to determine the exact cause, including the possibility of sparks igniting from the power lines.

Importance of Preventive Measures

The incident underscores the critical need for proactive measures to mitigate fire risks in vulnerable areas like Ambazari. Ongoing initiatives such as fire line work offer promising avenues for safeguarding against future calamities.

A Call to Action

The recent forest fire in Nagpur serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of our natural ecosystems and the urgent need for collective action. By fostering environmental awareness, implementing robust preventive measures, and promoting responsible stewardship, we can safeguard our precious forests for generations to come.


1. What caused the forest fire in Nagpur?

The exact cause is still under investigation, but factors such as garbage burning and high-tension power lines passing through the forest are being scrutinized.

2. How long did it take to control the fire?

Firefighters and forest workers battled the blaze for approximately four hours before gaining control.

3. Were there any casualties reported?

Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the incident, thanks to the swift response of emergency services.

4. What measures are being taken to prevent future fires?

Ongoing efforts include evaluating damage, investigating the cause, and implementing preventive measures such as fire line work.

5. How can individuals contribute to forest fire prevention?

Individuals can play a role by avoiding activities that could spark fires, supporting conservation efforts, and advocating for sustainable forest management practices.

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