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Nagpur’s Shared Auto Rickshaw Service: A Convenient Commuting Solution

Maha Metro initiatives: In a bid to enhance the commuting experience for residents of Nagpur, Maha Metro has introduced a shared auto-rickshaw service from 20 metro stations across the city. This initiative aims to provide commuters with a convenient and accessible mode of transportation, further bridging the gap between metro stations and their final destinations.

Expanding Accessibility with Shared Auto Rickshaws

The shared auto rickshaw service has been gradually rolled out across various metro stations in Nagpur, with the latest addition being from the remaining stations on Reach-IV, spanning from Sitabuldi Interchange to Prajapati Nagar. This expansion means that all stations along this section now offer shared auto-rickshaw services, catering to the needs of a wider demographic of commuters.

Inauguration and Expansion Efforts

The initiative was kickstarted with the inauguration of the service at Kasturchand Park Metro Station on 2nd February 2024, led by Shri Shravan Hardikar, MD of Maha Metro. Since then, Maha Metro has been diligently working towards introducing this service at various stations across the city, with a focus on providing a seamless commuting experience for passengers.

Current Service Coverage

Currently, the shared auto rickshaw service is operational at select metro stations, including Chatrapati Nagar, JP Nagar, Ujjwal Nagar, Kasturchand Park, Kadbi Square, Nari Road, Automotive Square, Zanshi Rani Square, Institute of Engineers, Shankar Nagar, Lokmanya Nagar, Cotton Market, Nagpur Railway Station, Dosar Vaisya Bhawan, Agrasen Square, Chitar Oli Square, Telephone Exchange Square, Ambedkar Square, Vaishnodevi Square, and Prajapati Nagar Metro Station.

Future Expansion Plans (Maha Metro initiatives)

While the service is available at 20 metro stations currently, plans are in place to extend it to the remaining 17 stations, including Bansi Nagar, Vasudev Nagar, Rachna Ring Road, Subhash Nagar, Dharampeth College, LAD College, Khapri, New Airport, Airport South, Airport, Ajni Square, Rahate Colony, Congress Nagar, Zero Mile, Gaddigodam, and Sitabuldi Interchange. These efforts aim to ensure comprehensive coverage and accessibility for commuters across Nagpur.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

To maintain the integrity of the service and ensure the safety of commuters, Maha Metro (Maha Metro initiatives) has emphasized the importance of adherence to traffic rules and regulations by auto rickshaw drivers. Any instances of traffic violations or non-compliance will be met with strict action by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and Traffic Police, underscoring the commitment to providing a safe and hassle-free commuting experience.

MD Shri Shravan Hardikar’s Vision for Nagpur’s Public Transport

MD Shri Shravan Hardikar envisions a reliable, efficient, and commuter-friendly public transport system for the residents of Nagpur. His unwavering dedication to this cause has been evident through the meticulous planning and execution of initiatives such as the shared auto rickshaw service. By prioritizing affordability, accessibility, and sustainability, he aims to encourage greater adoption of the metro service for daily commuting needs.

The introduction of a shared auto rickshaw service at metro stations in Nagpur marks a significant step towards enhancing the overall commuting experience for residents. With a focus on accessibility, safety, and convenience, Maha Metro’s initiative aligns with the city’s vision for sustainable urban transportation. As efforts continue to expand the service to additional stations, commuters can look forward to a seamless and efficient mode of travel across Nagpur.


1. How does the shared auto rickshaw service benefit commuters in Nagpur? The service offers a convenient and accessible mode of transportation from metro stations to various destinations across the city, reducing reliance on private vehicles and easing traffic congestion.

2. Are there any safety measures in place for passengers using the shared auto rickshaw service? Maha Metro has emphasized compliance with traffic rules and regulations by auto rickshaw drivers to ensure the safety and security of passengers. Any violations are met with strict action by authorities.

3. What is the coverage area of the shared auto rickshaw service in Nagpur? Currently, the service is available at 20 metro stations across the city, with plans for expansion to include additional stations in the near future.

4. How can commuters access the shared auto rickshaw service at metro stations? Passengers can easily avail of the service by approaching designated pick-up points at metro stations, where shared auto rickshaws are stationed to cater to their transportation needs.

5. Who oversees the implementation and regulation of the shared auto rickshaw service in Nagpur? Maha Metro, in coordination with local authorities such as the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and Traffic Police, oversees the implementation and regulation of the shared auto rickshaw service to ensure compliance with established norms and standards.

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