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Aapli Bus Feeder Service Enhancing Nagpur’s Metro Commute

Nagpur Metro: In an endeavor to bolster Nagpur’s public transportation infrastructure, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation is set to launch feeder services connecting key Metro stations. This initiative, spearheaded by municipal commissioner Abhijeet Chaudhari, aims to improve accessibility and convenience for commuters. Starting from March 18, the Aapli Bus feeder service will operate along three strategic routes, seamlessly integrating with the city’s burgeoning Metro network. The routes include Kamptee to Medical College Square, Nagpur University to Rahate Colony, and Subhash Nagar to Laxmi Nagar Chowk, with stops at key locations like IT Park and VNIT.

The Three Feeder Routes

1. Kamptee to Medical College Square

Route Highlights:

This route offers commuters from Kamptee a direct link to the heart of the city, facilitating smooth transitions between the Metro and local destinations.

2. Nagpur University Campus to Rahate Colony

Route Highlights:

By bridging gaps in connectivity, this feeder service ensures students, faculty, and residents have hassle-free access to educational institutions and residential areas.

3. Subhash Nagar to Laxmi Nagar Chowk

Route Highlights:

  • Stops at IT Park, VNIT, Mate Chowk, and Laxmi Nagar Chowk
  • Offers connectivity to commercial hubs and educational institutes

This route caters to professionals, students, and residents, enhancing accessibility to employment centers and educational facilities across the city.

Benefits of Aapli Bus Feeder Service

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Seamlessly integrates with Nagpur’s Metro network, facilitating last-mile connectivity.
  • Reduced Congestion: Alleviates traffic congestion by encouraging the use of public transportation.
  • Accessibility: Provides convenient access to key destinations, promoting mobility for all segments of society.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Promotes eco-friendly travel options, contributing to a greener urban environment.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers an economical mode of transportation, ensuring affordability for commuters.


The introduction of Aapli Bus feeder service signifies a progressive step towards enhancing Nagpur’s transportation ecosystem. By bridging gaps in connectivity and promoting sustainable travel options, this initiative is poised to redefine urban mobility in the city.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How frequently will the Aapli Bus feeder service operate?

The feeder service will operate at regular intervals throughout the day, ensuring convenient access for commuters during peak hours as well as off-peak times.

2. Will the feeder service be integrated with the existing Metro fare system?

Yes, commuters can use their Metro cards or purchase tickets at designated stations to avail of the feeder service, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

3. Are there plans to expand the feeder service to additional routes in the future?

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation is committed to enhancing public transportation options, and expansion plans for the feeder service are under consideration based on demand and feasibility studies.

4. How will the Aapli Bus feeder service contribute to reducing carbon emissions?

By encouraging more commuters to opt for public transportation, the feeder service helps reduce reliance on private vehicles, thus minimizing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

5. What measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of commuters using the feeder service?

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation has implemented stringent safety protocols and surveillance measures to safeguard commuters using the Aapli Bus feeder service, ensuring a secure travel environment for all passengers.

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