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Viral for Wrong Reasons? Nagpur Police Vigilant on Offensive Social Media Trends

Nagpur Police: In this era of instant fame and fleeting virality, some content creators resort to offensive language (Viral Content) and questionable humor (Offensive Social Media Trends) to grab attention on social media platforms. Nagpur, unfortunately, has witnessed a concerning trend where individuals create social media videos and reels with immoral themes. Recognizing the negative impact of such content, the Cyber Police Station in Nagpur has taken a firm stance against it, launching an initiative to hold creators accountable for their actions.

Taking a Stand: 15 Cases and Counting

Archit Chandak, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Economic Offences Wing (EOW) and Cyber, revealed to ‘The Hitavada’ that the department has already taken action in about 15 cases related to offensive content. The creators primarily fall within the age range of 16 to 24 years old, with some juveniles and adults also involved. These individuals were summoned to the police station and were made to delete their offensive posts under the watchful eye of law enforcement.

Social Media Monitoring Cell: An Unyielding Watch

DCP Chandak explained, “We have a Social Media Monitoring Cell with 10 personnel diligently monitoring prominent social media platforms for such activities.” The department takes action against those who openly abuse, threaten, show allegiance to goons, abuse communities or women, or disrupt social harmony. This initiative was launched due to a significant rise in negative content and numerous complaints received through various channels.

Collaboration for a Safer Digital Space

“We use a combination of online patrolling, reports from citizens, and collaboration with city-based social media influencers and positive content creators to track down individuals violating community guidelines,” explained DCP Chandak. The officers not only take immediate action but also counsel the individuals involved, emphasizing zero tolerance for such content. Diary entries are maintained, providing a record of these interventions.

The Root of the Problem: Society’s Impact on Virality

Creators often resort to offensive content because the current societal environment allows such content to go viral easily, gaining popularity through social media algorithms. This false sense of validation encourages them to continue down the harmful path, tarnishing the image of the city in the process.

The Power of Public Apologies and Counseling

Public apologies by content creators serve as a deterrent to others from engaging in similar behavior. Recognizing that young individuals are prone to making mistakes during their formative years, the focus is on counseling rather than registering offenses against them. Social background also plays a role; sometimes, young people do not understand the difference between right and wrong due to weak educational or social backgrounds.

Challenges Faced by the Cyber Department

DCP Chandak noted the challenges faced by the cyber department, including the difficulty of tracking down content creators and identifying individuals operating behind fake accounts. The department actively engages in public talks at schools and colleges, educating students on cybercrime, the dangers of online harassment and abuse. They also encourage students to become ‘cyber volunteers’ by assisting their families and elders who might be less familiar with online threats and safety measures.

Positive Responses and Collaborative Efforts

“The initiative has met with positive responses, with citizens expressing appreciation for the actions taken on such content,” concludes DCP Chandak. Varun Jangade, managing a social media account focused on Nagpur news and updates, actively collaborates with DCP Chandak’s team by directly sending them offensive reels. Varun applauds their swift action in taking down these negative content pieces.

The proactive approach of the Nagpur Police in monitoring and addressing offensive social media trends (Viral Content) sets an example for creating a safer digital space. By combining surveillance, collaboration, counseling, and public awareness, the Cyber Police Station aims to curb the rising tide of harmful content and protect the city’s image.


  1. How does the Social Media Monitoring Cell operate? The cell consists of 10 personnel who actively monitor prominent social media platforms, taking action against abusive and offensive content creators.
  2. What measures are taken against individuals violating community guidelines? The Cyber Police Station not only takes immediate action but also provides counseling to emphasize zero tolerance for offensive content.
  3. Why do content creators resort to offensive content? The societal environment allows such content to go viral easily, providing creators with a false sense of validation and encouragement to continue.
  4. How does the Cyber Police Department engage with the community? The department actively conducts public talks at schools and colleges, educating students on cybercrime and online safety.
  5. What is the impact of the initiative on citizens and content creators? Positive responses from citizens indicate appreciation for the proactive actions taken against offensive content, serving as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers.

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