Nagpur Railway Station’s ‘Restaurant on Coach’ Temporarily Relocated for Major Upgrade

Accelerating Progress: West Wing 3 Basement Parking Construction

Enhancing Passenger Experience In a strategic move as part of the ongoing major upgrade at Nagpur Railway Station, the iconic ‘Restaurant on Coach’ will undergo a temporary relocation. This decision aims to expedite the construction of West Wing 3 basement parking, contributing to the modernization of railway infrastructure and elevating the overall passenger experience at the station.

A Culinary Haven in Transition

Popular Amenity: ‘Restaurant on Coach’ Known for providing a delightful dining experience to both travelers and locals, the ‘Restaurant on Coach’ has been a celebrated amenity at Nagpur Railway Station. This temporary relocation showcases Indian Railways‘ dedication to prioritizing infrastructure development while ensuring the continued satisfaction of passengers and the local community.

Precision in Action

Meticulous Operation: 5-Hour Effort by 6 Hydra Operators The relocation process witnessed the synchronized efforts of six Hydra operators, investing a total of five hours to complete the task. This meticulous operation reflects the unwavering commitment of railway authorities to minimize disruptions and maintain the smooth progress of the redevelopment works.

Navigating Challenges

Traffic Woes: Concretization of Kingsway While progress unfolds at the railway station, challenges emerge on Kingsway. The concretization of Kingsway in front of the DRM office has led to traffic congestion. Long queues of vehicles now stretch near LIC Square, Kingsway Hospital, and Jaistambh Square. Despite these hurdles, relentless efforts are underway 24/7 to swiftly restore smooth traffic movement.

As Nagpur Railway Station undergoes a transformative upgrade, the temporary relocation of the ‘Restaurant on Coach’ stands as a testament to Indian Railways’ commitment to progress. Balancing infrastructure development with minimal disruptions, the railway authorities strive to provide an enhanced and seamless experience for passengers and the local community alike.

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