Nagpur-Shahdol Express: Maintenance Halt from Feb 28 to March 10

In a recent development impacting travel plans, the Nagpur-Shahdol Express, train number 11201, voyaging from Nagpur to Shahdol via Chhindwara, faces a temporary cancellation for twelve days. The hiatus is attributed to essential non-interlock working for the third line project at Shahdol station, prompting the cancellation of over two dozen other trains sharing the same route.

Maintenance Schedule

Railway Advisory

On Wednesday, the railway authorities released a comprehensive advisory, officially declaring the suspension of train number 11201 Nagpur-Shahdol Express from February 28 to March 10. Simultaneously, the counterpart, train number 11202 Shahdol-Nagpur Express, will also be non-operational from February 29 to March 11.

Inconvenience and Prior Suspension

Past Disruptions

Earlier, the train operations were halted from February 19 to February 25, catching passengers off guard with untimely notifications. This led to complications for travelers who had already secured reservations in advance.

Impact Beyond Nagpur-Shahdol Express

Bilaspur Division’s Endeavor

Upgrading Shahdol Station

Beyond the Nagpur-Shahdol Express, the Bilaspur Division of the South East Central Railway is orchestrating a substantial upgrade at Shahdol Station. This enhancement initiative encompasses critical third-line connectivity work, scheduled under the Pre-NI and NI Commissioning framework.

Ripple Effect on Other Trains

Cancellation and Diversions

In tandem with the enhancement project, several trains, such as the Bhopal-Bilaspur Express and Indore-Bilaspur Narmada Express, will be impacted, facing cancellations and route diversions until March 12.

FAQs About Nagpur-Shahdol Express Disruption

  1. Why is Nagpur-Shahdol Exp being canceled for twelve days? The cancellation is due to essential non-interlock working for the third line project at Shahdol station.
  2. When will the cancellation period commence and conclude? The Nagpur-Shahdol Exp will not run from February 28 to March 10.
  3. Is the counterpart, Shahdol-Nagpur Express, also affected? Yes, train number 11202 Shahdol-Nagpur Express will be non-operational from February 29 to March 11.
  4. Have there been prior suspensions of Nagpur-Shahdol Exp? Yes, operations were halted earlier from February 19 to February 25.
  5. How are passengers being informed about the cancellations? Notifications are being disseminated by the railway authorities to keep passengers informed.
  6. Which other trains are affected due to maintenance work in Bilaspur Division? Trains like Bhopal-Bilaspur Express and Indore-Bilaspur Narmada Express face cancellations and diversions until March 12.

Inconvenience looms as the Nagpur-Shahdol Exp undergoes a maintenance hiatus from February 28 to March 10, stemming from crucial third-line projects at Shahdol station. Passengers are advised to stay informed about alternative travel options and plan accordingly during this period of temporary suspension. For further updates, travelers can refer to the official railway notifications.

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