Nagpur Gears Up for Vote Counting: Meticulous Preparations at Kalamna Market Yard

Nagpur vote counting security: Nagpur’s district administration is leaving no stone unturned for the upcoming vote counting at Kalamna market yard. With more than 3,000 administrative personnel and around 8,000 security officers on duty, this event promises to be a well-orchestrated exercise. Let’s dive into the meticulous preparations and key aspects surrounding this significant event.

The Venue: Kalamna Market Yard

(Nagpur vote counting security) Strategic Choice of Location

Kalamna market yard has been chosen as the counting center for Nagpur and Ramtek Lok Sabha constituencies. Its strategic location and ample space make it an ideal spot for managing such a crucial task.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a smooth and secure counting process. This includes the installation of over 250 CCTV cameras to monitor every inch of the counting area.

Robust Manpower Deployment

A formidable team of over 3,000 district administration personnel will be on duty, supported by approximately 8,000 security personnel working in shifts. This robust deployment underscores the administration’s commitment to maintaining order and security.

Role of Observers and AROs

Trained observers and Assistant Returning Officers (AROs) will oversee the counting process. Their role is crucial in ensuring transparency and adherence to guidelines.

Enhanced Security Measures

Extensive CCTV Coverage

To ensure the highest level of security, more than 250 CCTV cameras have been installed. These cameras will provide live feeds to a central monitoring station, enabling real-time surveillance.

Special Waterproof Tunnel

In response to unpredictable weather conditions, a special waterproof tunnel has been set up between the strong room and the counting center. This 120-meter tunnel will protect the EVMs and ballot boxes from any adverse weather conditions during their transfer.

Logistics and Transportation

Secure Transfer of EVMs and Ballot Boxes

The EVMs and postal ballot boxes will be transferred from the strong room to the counting center using 28 specially equipped vehicles. Each vehicle is fitted with CCTV cameras to ensure a secure and monitored transfer.

Transportation Team

A dedicated team of 250 officials per polling center has been appointed to oversee the transportation of EVMs and VVPAT machines. This team is trained to handle the equipment with care and precision.

Counting Process (Nagpur vote counting security)

Assembly-Wise Counting

Counting will be conducted assembly-wise, with 20 tables allocated for each constituency. This organized approach ensures a streamlined and efficient counting process.

Allocation of Counting Tables

There are 120 tables assigned for Nagpur and Ramtek constituencies, along with an additional 10 tables dedicated to postal ballot counting. Each table will have a counting supervisor, a counting assistant, and a police constable.

Timing and Target Completion

The counting process will commence at 8:30 AM with an aim to complete by 4 PM. This timeline is designed to ensure a thorough and efficient counting process without unnecessary delays.

New Rules for Recounting

Recounting Provision

As per the new rule framed by the Election Commission of India (ECI), candidates who finish first and second can now apply for a recount of votes in 5% of the total EVMs. This provision adds a layer of transparency and fairness to the election process.

Recounting Fee

Candidates seeking a recount must pay Rs. 40,000 per EVM. This fee is a measure to ensure that recount requests are made responsibly and not frivolously.

Nagpur’s district administration has indeed left no stone unturned in preparing for the counting of votes at Kalamna market yard. With meticulous planning, robust security measures, and a dedicated team, the process is set to be conducted smoothly and transparently. The enhanced measures, including the special waterproof tunnel and extensive CCTV coverage, reflect the administration’s commitment to a secure and efficient counting process. As we await the results, it’s clear that every effort has been made to ensure fairness and accuracy.

1. What is the significance of the Kalamna market yard for vote counting?

The Kalamna market yard is strategically chosen for its ample space and accessibility, making it ideal for managing the vote counting process efficiently.

2. How many personnel are involved in the vote counting process?

Over 3,000 district administration personnel and around 8,000 security officers are involved, ensuring a well-organized and secure counting process.

3. What are the security measures in place?

Security measures include the installation of over 250 CCTV cameras, the use of 28 vehicles equipped with CCTV for transporting EVMs, and a special waterproof tunnel for protecting the equipment from adverse weather.

4. How will the counting process be conducted?

Counting will be done assembly-wise with 20 tables per constituency. There are 120 tables for Nagpur and Ramtek constituencies, and 10 additional tables for postal ballots, each staffed by a supervisor, assistant, and constable.

5. What is the new rule for recounting votes?

The new rule allows the first and second runners-up to apply for recounting votes in 5% of the total EVMs by paying Rs. 40,000 per EVM, enhancing transparency and fairness in the election process.

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