Reviving the Pora River: NMC’s Bold Move to Combat Sewage Pollution

NMC’s Ambitious Project to Save the Pora River

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), under the leadership of administrator Abhijeet Chaudhari, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to rejuvenate the Pora River. With an approval of ₹874 crore for a 12km river pollution abatement project, NMC is set to tackle one of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the city.

A Costly Endeavor: NMC’s Commitment to Environmental Restoration

This project marks a significant investment by the NMC, signaling their unwavering commitment to environmental conservation. Previously, the highest amount approved for a project under an administrator was ₹300 crore. The magnitude of this endeavor underscores the gravity of the sewage scourge plaguing the Pora River.

Project Details and Implementation Strategy

NMC’s public health engineering department is gearing up to award work orders to various contractors for the execution of the Pora river project. The initiative falls under the Central government’s Amrut 2.0 Mission, emphasizing the collaborative effort to address environmental concerns.

While the government stipulated a three-year timeline for project completion, NMC has set a more ambitious target of two years for private contractors. This proactive approach demonstrates NMC’s determination to expedite the restoration of the Pora River.

Collaborative Efforts: Funding and Support

Last year, the central government approved the ₹957.01 crore south sewage disposal project, highlighting the multi-pronged approach to combatting pollution. With contributions from both central and state governments, along with NMC’s financial investment, the project aims to alleviate the sewage burden on the Pora River.

Infrastructure Overhaul: Addressing Sewage Disposal Challenges

Sewerage works will be concentrated in the south-western regions of Nagpur, where the Pora River traverses. A comprehensive plan involves laying a new sewer line spanning 417km, with strategic allocations in key zones to effectively manage sewage flow.

Treatment Facilities: A Step Towards Sustainable Solutions

In addition to sewage diversion efforts, NMC is investing in sewage treatment plants (STPs) to mitigate the impact of untreated sewage. Collaborating with the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), NMC plans to establish STPs along the Pora River, significantly reducing the volume of pollutants entering the waterway.

Conclusion: A Renewed Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

The approval of the ₹874 crore Pora river pollution abatement project signifies a watershed moment in Nagpur’s environmental conservation efforts. Through strategic planning, collaborative partnerships, and financial investment, NMC is poised to breathe new life into the Pora River, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for generations to come.


1. What is the objective of the Pora river pollution abatement project?

  • The project aims to combat sewage pollution and revitalize the Pora River in Nagpur.

2. How will the project be funded?

  • Funding will be sourced from contributions by the central and state governments, along with investments from the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

3. What is the timeline for project completion?

  • While the government set a three-year deadline, NMC aims to complete the project within two years with the help of private contractors.

4. What measures are being taken to treat sewage along the Pora River?

5. How will the project impact the environment and local communities?

  • By reducing sewage pollution, the project will improve water quality, safeguarding ecosystems and enhancing the well-being of residents living along the Pora River.

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