Rashmi Barve Disqualified from Ramtek Lok Sabha Candidature: A Major Setback for Maha Vikas Aaghadi

Maha Vikas Aaghadi: In a significant turn of events, Tushar Thombare, Additional Collector and Returning Officer for the Ramtek Lok Sabha constituency, has rejected the nomination of Rashmi Barve, the Congress candidate for Ramtek. This decision came after the Social Justice Department invalidated her caste validity certificate during the daytime, leading to her disqualification from the candidature. Consequently, Shyamkumar Barve, whose name was listed on Form B, will now stand as the Congress nominee from Ramtek.

Challenges Arise: Allegations and Complaints

The Ramtek constituency, falling under the reserved category, saw the Congress party nominating Barve after submitting her caste documents. However, soon after Barve’s candidature was announced, concerns over the legitimacy of her caste validity certificate emerged. A complaint lodged by Sunil Salve triggered the Social Justice Department to order the Caste Scrutiny Committee to take action.

Scrutiny and Verdict

The District Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee issued a notice to Rashmi Barve based on the complaint, alleging that she had provided false documents to support her caste claim. Dr. Mangesh Wankhede, Deputy Commissioner and Committee Member, urged Barve to present her explanation at the Social Justice Department. Following an inquiry directed by the State Information Commissioner, the Subdivisional Police Officer investigated the matter.

After thorough examination, the Social Justice Department concluded that Barve’s documents were fraudulent and revoked her caste validity certificate. Barve’s subsequent appeal to the High Court was deferred to the following week. A hearing convened at the Collector’s office, presided over by Returning Officer Tushar Thombare, resulted in the rejection of Barve’s nomination papers.

Political Turmoil and Lasting Implications

The decision led to a tense situation near the Collector’s office, with prominent leaders from both sides, including Nagpur District Congress President Rajendra Mulak and Ramtek MLA Ashish Jaiswal, remaining present throughout the day. Barve’s filing of nomination papers on the last day, accompanied by key party figures, underscored the significance of the moment.

In the aftermath of this development, Maha Vikas Aaghadi faces a setback, while the political landscape in Ramtek undergoes a shift. The implications of Barve’s disqualification reverberate beyond the constituency, affecting the broader electoral dynamics.

The disqualification of Rashmi Barve from the Ramtek Lok Sabha candidature marks a significant episode in the political narrative of Maharashtra. Amidst allegations of falsifying caste documents, Barve’s journey from nomination to disqualification underscores the importance of transparency and integrity in the electoral process.


  1. What led to Rashmi Barve’s disqualification from the Ramtek Lok Sabha candidature? Rashmi Barve was disqualified after the Social Justice Department invalidated her caste validity certificate due to allegations of submitting false documents.
  2. What role did the Caste Scrutiny Committee play in this matter? The Caste Scrutiny Committee investigated allegations against Barve and issued a notice to her based on the complaint, leading to further scrutiny of her documents.
  3. How did the political landscape in Ramtek react to Rashmi Barve’s disqualification? The disqualification stirred political turmoil, with leaders from various parties, including Congress and Maha Vikas Aaghadi, being actively involved in the proceedings.
  4. Was there any legal recourse available to Rashmi Barve after her disqualification? Barve appealed to the High Court, but the case was deferred, prolonging the uncertainty surrounding her candidature.
  5. What implications does Rashmi Barve’s disqualification have on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra? The disqualification reshapes the electoral dynamics in Ramtek and serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to legal and procedural requirements in the political sphere.

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