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Traffic Police Crack Down on Wrong Side Driving: Stricter Consequences and 240 Offenses Registered

Nagpur: Riders and drivers beware while plying on the wrong side of city roads. If you believe that traffic police only issue challans and fines for the violation, you are mistaken. Instead, they will take you to the concerned police station and register an offense under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). This could lead to frequent court appearances and your name being recorded in the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) database. In response to a troubling increase in fatalities on roads caused by wrong side driving, the city’s traffic police have adopted a stricter approach. Instead of just issuing challans, they are now registering offenses against the violators.

A Stricter Approach for Safer Roads

This revised strategy has resulted in a significant decrease in fatal accidents within the city limits. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shashikant Satav, while talking to ‘The Hitavada,’ revealed the gravity of the situation. “In January and February, there were 66 fatal accidents reported in the city which claimed 73 lives. Analysis of these incidents indicated that a significant portion of fatalities were attributed to wrong side driving,” said Satav. The initiative for this change in approach stemmed from a detailed meeting convened by the Commissioner of Police, Dr. Ravinder Singal. Addressing the pressing issue, CP Dr. Singal directed the implementation of registration of offenses under Sections 279 and 336 of the IPC against the violators.

The penalty prescribed under Section 279 of the IPC includes imprisonment for up to six months, a fine of Rs 1,000, or both. Similarly, Section 336 of the IPC imposes punishment on the offender which may consist of imprisonment for a term extending up to three months, a fine not exceeding Rs 250, or both. Another traffic police official said, “The mere issuance of challans was not proving to be a sufficient deterrent. By registering offenses, the drivers will face more severe consequences, affecting their career prospects and legal status.”

Enforcement and Impact

Since the enforcement of the new measure, the traffic police (Nagpur) have recorded 240 cases under Sections 279 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code across various police stations. Upon catching wrong side drivers, they are escorted to the police station for verification of necessary documents, including Aadhar card and address proof. Soon after, based on this evidence and the offense committed, FIRs are lodged against the offenders at the concerned police station. The stance of the police has yielded results, with fatal accidents reducing to seven within the last 15 days. DCP Satav (Nagpur) affirmed that this intensified approach would be sustained to ensure continued safety on the roads. The registration of offenses against wrong side drivers not only acts as a deterrent but also helps in promoting responsible driving habits on the city’s streets.

The crackdown on wrong side driving by the traffic police reflects a commitment to road safety and law enforcement. Through stricter consequences and registering offenses, they aim to curb fatalities and promote responsible driving habits among citizens.


1. What constitutes wrong side driving? Wrong side driving refers to the act of driving on the side of the road designated for oncoming traffic.

2. How can wrong side driving affect road safety? Wrong side driving increases the risk of head-on collisions, leading to severe injuries and fatalities.

3. What should drivers do to avoid wrong side driving violations? Drivers should always adhere to traffic laws, including staying on the correct side of the road and following designated lanes.

4. Are there alternative penalties for flip-flop driving besides fines and imprisonment? In addition to fines and imprisonment, flip-flop drivers may face license suspension or vehicle impoundment.

5. How can communities contribute to reducing wrong-side driving incidents in Nagpur? Communities can raise awareness about the dangers of flip-flop driving through education campaigns and promoting responsible driving behaviors.

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