Nagpur’s Road Safety Revolution: NMC’s ₹3.1 Crore Geometrical Redesign

Nagpur, a bustling city with a growing population, has recently witnessed a remarkable initiative by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). In a bid to enhance road safety, the NMC has invested ₹3.1 crores in the geometrical redesigning of 14 traffic intersections across the city. This strategic move aims to create safer environments, particularly for pedestrians, cyclists, and non-motorized transport users, who are often the most vulnerable to road accidents.

Alarming Statistics

In the year 2023 alone, Nagpur faced the tragic loss of 90 pedestrians, with an additional 181 sustaining injuries in road accidents. Faced with these distressing figures, the NMC decided to take proactive measures to address the pressing issue of road safety.

NMC’s Infrastructure Interventions

Ravindra Bundhade, NMC’s executive engineer in the traffic department, outlined the comprehensive approach adopted by the corporation. The key interventions include widening pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, establishing new refuge areas, and implementing traffic calming measures.

Traffic Calming Measures

The concept of traffic calming measures is central to NMC’s strategy. These measures are designed to create safer streets by slowing down drivers, reducing collision frequency and severity, minimizing the reliance on police enforcement, and enhancing access to various modes of transport.

Quick and Low-Cost Solutions

Bundhade emphasized the swift and cost-effective nature of these interventions, serving as a litmus test for urban design, transportation planning, and infrastructural changes. The primary focus is on redesigning traffic islands to enhance safety for pedestrians and streamline traffic flow.

Works in Progress

Gandhi Putla Square, Shraddhanand Square, and Gangabai Ghat Square are already witnessing the transformation, with lane alignment and narrowing at select locations. Notably, Rani Durgawati Square and Hasanbagh Square, lacking islands and contributing to chaos, are now part of the comprehensive redesign.

Innovative Solutions at Japanese Garden Square

Japanese Garden Square, a busy intersection with islands only on two sides, is receiving particular attention. NMC plans to construct two islands at strategic corners, addressing both traffic congestion and the risk of accidents.

Future Plans: Rotary at Orange City Street Square

Anticipating potential hazards, NMC envisions a rotary (roundabout) at Orange City Street Square, where five roads converge. This ambitious plan aims to significantly reduce accident-prone scenarios at this crucial intersection.

Collaborative Efforts for Enhanced Safety

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shashikant Satao has collaborated with NMC, emphasizing the need for mandatory road safety markings at busy junctions like Cotton Market Square and Variety Square. These markings, including zebra crossings and stop lines, play a crucial role in enforcing traffic rules.


Nagpur’s commitment to road safety is evident in the NMC’s bold initiative. The geometrical redesign of traffic intersections reflects a comprehensive approach to creating safer streets for all. As the works progress, the city anticipates a significant reduction in road accidents and a more streamlined and secure traffic environment.


  1. Why is Nagpur Municipal Corporation undertaking geometrical redesigning?
    • Nagpur Municipal Corporation aims to enhance road safety, especially for pedestrians and non-motorized transport users, following alarming statistics of accidents in 2023.
  2. What are traffic calming measures, and how do they work?
    • Traffic calming measures focus on slowing down drivers, reducing collisions, minimizing the need for police enforcement, and improving access to different modes of transport, creating safer streets.
  3. Which intersections are currently undergoing redesigning?
    • Works are in progress at Gandhi Putla Square, Shraddhanand Square, Gangabai Ghat Square, with additional attention to Rani Durgawati Square, Hasanbagh Square, and Japanese Garden Square.
  4. What innovative solutions are being implemented at Japanese Garden Square?
    • NMC plans to construct two new islands at strategic corners of Japanese Garden Square, addressing both traffic congestion and the risk of accidents.
  5. How is the Nagpur Police contributing to road safety efforts?
    • Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shashikant Satao is collaborating with NMC, advocating for mandatory road safety markings at busy junctions, enforcing traffic rules.

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