Vishnu Manohar’s Culinary Triumph: 7,000 kg ‘Ram Halwa’ Unveiled in Ayodhya

Renowned culinary maestro, Vishnu Manohar, etched his name in history on Shiv Jayanti, presenting a culinary marvel – the 7,000 kg ‘Shri Ram Bhog Halwa.’ This awe-inspiring event unfolded at Hanuman Garhi Akhara’s Shri Hanumat Sanskrit PG College in Ayodhya (UP). Gathered amidst the devout, Manohar’s gastronomic spectacle was a spiritual feast for thousands seeking the divine ‘prasad.’

The Unique ‘Karseva to Pakseva’ World Record Attempt

In an attire adorned with ‘Ram,’ Vishnu Manohar embarked on his extraordinary journey, blending ‘karseva’ (selfless service) with the creation of a culinary masterpiece. The air resonated with devotion as Akhand Ramraksha echoed 11 times, amplifying the spiritual fervor.

The Ingredients of Grandeur

Crafting this colossal ‘Shri Ram Halwa’ demanded 700 kg semolina, 800 kg ghee, 1,120 kg sugar, 4,500 liters of water, and 21 kg each of cardamom and nutmeg powder. Noteworthy additions included 250 dozen bananas and an astonishing 200 kg of assorted dry fruits. Manohar’s dedication shone through as he invested four hours in this sweet symphony.

Sacred Offering and Rituals

The ‘Shri Ram Halwa’ was first presented to Ram Lala in the Ram temple, a sacred gesture followed by an offering to the Hanuman idol at Hanuman Garhi. Guruji Raghavendra Deshpande of Kale Ram Mandir paid homage to Maratha hero Chhatrapati Shivaji in a heart-touching address. Furthermore, 50 members of the Tuljabhavani Kalsubai Trek Group from Pune enthusiastically joined this divine culinary initiative.

Vishnu Manohar Takes Center Stage

Vishnu Manohar‘s culinary prowess took center stage, drawing attention not just for the sheer volume of the creation but for the deep spiritual significance woven into every grain of the ‘Shri Ram Halwa.’


Q1: What inspired Vishnu Manohar to attempt this record?

A1: Vishnu Manohar’s inspiration stems from a deep connection to spirituality, combining his love for culinary arts with the devotion to Lord Ram.

Q2: How did the devotees contribute to the event?

A2: Devotees actively participated by reciting Akhand Ramraksha, creating an atmosphere charged with spiritual energy.

Q3: Were there any unique rituals associated with the preparation?

A3: Yes, the ‘Shri Ram Halwa’ underwent a consecration process, being offered first to Ram Lala and then to the revered Hanuman idol.

Q4: Can anyone replicate this culinary feat?

A4: While the recipe is open, the spiritual essence infused by Vishnu Manohar makes this endeavor truly unique.

Q5: What role did the Tuljabhavani Kalsubai Trek Group play?

A5: The trek group from Pune joined in, showcasing solidarity and enthusiasm for the cultural and spiritual event.

Q6: How did Guruji Raghavendra Deshpande honor Chhatrapati Shivaji during the event?

A6: Guruji paid homage in his address, intertwining the culinary celebration with respect for Maratha hero Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Vishnu Manohar’s culinary feat in creating the 7,000 kg ‘Ram Halwa’ transcends gastronomy, merging devotion, and culinary finesse. This monumental event not only signifies his culinary expertise but also underscores the unifying power of spiritual celebrations that resonate across communities.

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