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NMC-Irrigation Decision: Optimal Water Management at Ambazari Dam

Ambazari Dam Nagpur: In a crucial joint decision, the Irrigation Department and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) have resolved to refrain from draining a staggering 75k crore litres of water from the Ambazari Dam. This strategic choice is pivotal for the upcoming construction of Godbole gates at the reservoir’s spillway, aiming to avert a catastrophe akin to the devastating flood on September 23, 2023. This collaborative effort prioritizes both efficient water management and disaster prevention.

Unanimous Agreement

After an extensive joint inspection led by Chief Engineer Pawar of the Irrigation Department and Superintending Engineer Shweta Banerjee of NMC’s water works, a consensus emerged. The current discharge of 2 lakh gallons per day from the dam is deemed sufficient for the impending construction activities, mitigating the risk of flooding downstream along the Nag River.

Construction Timeline

The agreed-upon timeline stipulates the commencement of spillway gates construction at the dam’s overflow point post-April 1. This deliberate approach underscores the meticulous planning required to ensure the safety and success of the project. The stakes are high, especially considering the aftermath of the 2023 flood that wreaked havoc on countless residences.

Balancing Ecological Concerns

Banerjee highlighted a previous request from the Irrigation Department to de-water 75k crore litres, a move that would have entailed an additional ₹5 crore investment for pumping. However, Banerjee wisely pointed out the potential ecological imbalance and adverse effects on aquatic life and local wells if such massive de-watering were pursued. This decision aligns with a responsible approach to environmental concerns.

Monsoon Contingency

The joint inspection also factored in the unpredictability of monsoon rains. Given the current discharge rate of 2 lakh gallons per day, both government bodies concurred that this quantity is adequate. This collaborative decision demonstrates a proactive stance, considering the potential challenges posed by unforeseen weather patterns during the monsoon season.

Nagpur Improvement Trust’s Role

Simultaneously, the Nagpur Improvement Trust has made substantial progress, completing nearly 90% of the demolition of a slab constructed over the Nag River in Daga Layout. This structure, initially designed as parking for visitors to a skating rink, posed a significant impediment to the natural flow of Nag River water.

the joint decision of the Irrigation Department and NMC to maintain the current discharge from the Ambazari Dam is a commendable example of strategic collaboration. This approach balances the need for water management with ecological responsibility, ensuring the safety of downstream areas. As construction commences post-April 1, the stakeholders remain vigilant, and cognizant of potential challenges and environmental impacts.


  1. Why is the construction of Godbole gates necessary at Ambazari Dam?
    • The gates aim to prevent a recurrence of the 2023 flood disaster downstream.
  2. What led to the decision not to drain 75k crore litres of water?
    • The current discharge of 2 lakh gallons per day is deemed sufficient for construction, avoiding ecological imbalance.
  3. When will the construction of spillway gates commence?
    • Construction is set to begin after April 1, following a joint inspection by relevant authorities.
  4. What environmental concerns were considered during the decision-making process?
    • The potential adverse effects on aquatic life and local wells were key considerations.
  5. How has Nagpur Improvement Trust contributed to the water management efforts?
    • The Trust has demolished a slab obstructing Nag River water flow, aiding in overall water management.

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