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Holi High: Nagpur Traffic Police Crack Down on Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Nagpur: During the festive occasion of Holi, joy and celebration often coincide with irresponsible behavior, leading to increased risks on the roads. Nagpur, a bustling city in Maharashtra, witnessed a concerning trend this Holi, as the Nagpur traffic police recorded a significant number of motorists driving under the influence of alcohol. Let’s delve deeper into the events surrounding this issue.

The Incidents

On the day of Holi itself, Nagpur traffic police took action against 166 riders found driving in an inebriated state. This followed another 123 persons being nabbed for similar charges on the eve of Holi. The gravity of the situation became evident with a total of 6,404 motorists booked for violating the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) over the two days.

Enforcement Efforts

To address this concerning trend, DCP Shashikant Satao, along with 550 traffic cops from 10 zones, intensified enforcement efforts. Despite these measures, there was a 10 to 20% increase in overall traffic violations compared to average days. The focus remained on curbing instances of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Regional Breakdown

Data from the DCP traffic office revealed that Sadar traffic zone reported the highest number of drunk driving cases, with 46 incidents recorded on both days. Lakadganj and Indora zones followed closely, each with 33 cases. The enforcement drive targeted not only revellers but also aimed to ensure the safety of all road users.

Impact on Road Safety

Tragically, amidst the revelry, four accidents occurred, including two fatal ones under the jurisdictions of Pardi, Pachpaoli, Sakkardara, and Kamptee police stations. These incidents underscored the importance of stringent enforcement measures, especially during festive periods.

Key Violations

Among the myriad of violations, two-wheeler riders constituted the highest number of offenders, with 5,143 cases primarily involving riding without helmets. Additionally, 294 individuals were caught riding triple seat, while 158 disregarded red signals, further endangering themselves and others on the road.

In response to these infractions, traffic cops issued challans and forwarded cases to the motor vehicle court. The swift and decisive action aimed to deter future violations and uphold road safety standards.

Preventive Measures

The enforcement drive during festivals like Holi and New Year serves a dual purpose: ensuring public safety and reducing the occurrence of major accidents. By targeting drunk driving and other violations, the authorities aim to create safer roadways for all.

The incidents of drunk driving during Holi in Nagpur serve as a stark reminder of the need for responsible behavior on the roads, especially during festive occasions. Through vigilant enforcement and public awareness campaigns, we can strive towards safer roads for everyone.


1. How can I avoid drunk driving during festivals like Holi?

  • Plan ahead and designate a sober driver or arrange for alternate transportation.

2. What are the penalties for drunk driving in Nagpur?

  • Offenders face legal consequences, including fines, license suspension, and potential imprisonment.

3. Are there any alternative transportation options available during festivals?

4. How can I report instances of drunk driving?

  • Contact local law enforcement or emergency services immediately if you witness suspicious or dangerous driving behavior.

5. What measures can communities take to prevent drunk driving?

  • Hosting alcohol-free events, promoting designated driver initiatives, and increasing awareness about the dangers of drunk driving can all contribute to prevention efforts.

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