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Jamshed Singh Kapoor: The Selfless Hero Feeding Nagpur’s Hungry, One Meal at a Time

Langar Seva: In a world where many are driven by money and self-interest, some individuals shine through their selfless acts of kindness. Jamshed Singh Kapoor is one such beacon of hope, dedicating his life to feeding the hungry in Nagpur. Every day, he ensures that 400 people receive a hearty meal, exemplifying his unwavering commitment to the less fortunate.

The Significance of World Langar Day

On World Hunger Day, Kapoor redefines the occasion as World Langar Day. He emphasizes the importance of seva (selfless service) and the duty to aid those in need.

A Life Devoted to Seva

“Helping others isn’t just about giving; it’s a way of life to connect with the divine,” Kapoor explains. He believes that true peace comes from altruism, without expecting anything in return. This philosophy drives his daily mission to provide for the needy.

Early Beginnings and Growing Commitment

Kapoor began his langar seva in 2013, but his journey of helping others started much earlier. Foregoing celebrations and personal luxuries, he saved money to serve his community. Despite his impressive academic background—three Master’s degrees and a Diploma in Paralegal Practices—Kapoor chose to dedicate his life to this noble cause.

Daily Routine of Compassion

Every day, Kapoor rides his two-wheeler around Nagpur, carrying vessels filled with home-cooked thepla and khichdi. His day starts early, serving from 7 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 8:30 pm, ensuring that no one goes hungry.

A Familiar Sight in Nagpur

Dressed in his white “Langar Seva” T-shirt, Kapoor is a familiar and beloved figure in Nagpur. His simple attire and humble demeanor embody his mission of service.

A Touching Encounter

One memorable incident stands out in Kapoor’s journey. A beggar, who regularly received food from Kapoor, entrusted him with a bag of clothes to be given to the needy after his death. To Kapoor’s surprise, the bag contained Rs 25,000 in cash—a testament to the beggar’s gratitude and Kapoor’s impact.

Community Support and Resource Management

“According to the United Nations, millions of people go to bed hungry each night, so free meal services like this are crucial,” says Kapoor. The community’s generous donations of grains and disposable plates have ensured that Kapoor’s mission never faces a shortage of resources.

Unwavering Service During the Pandemic

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kapoor’s dedication did not waver. Despite the health risks, he continued his langar seva, adhering to safety protocols. “I underwent medical check-ups and followed safety protocols, but I did not fear death while doing seva,” he says.

Personal Tragedies and Unbroken Spirit

Kapoor’s commitment remained steadfast even in the face of personal loss. After losing his son and later his mother, he continued his service, honoring their wishes by serving food on their funeral days. His resilience is a testament to his devotion to seva.

Future Aspirations: A Gurudwara for Langar Seva

Looking ahead, Kapoor dreams of building a Gurudwara in Nagpur dedicated to providing langar seva 24 hours a day. This vision reflects his enduring commitment to feeding the hungry and inspiring others to contribute to the welfare of the community.

Restoring Faith in Humanity

Kapoor’s relentless efforts serve as a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have. His story is not just about feeding the hungry but about rekindling faith in humanity through selfless service.


Jamshed Singh Kapoor’s journey is a beacon of hope and compassion in a world often overshadowed by self-interest. His unwavering commitment to feeding the hungry, even in the face of personal and global challenges, underscores the profound impact of selfless service. By dedicating his life to helping others, Kapoor restores faith in humanity and inspires us all to give a little more of ourselves to those in need.

1. What inspired Jamshed Singh Kapoor to start his langar seva?

Kapoor was inspired by the principles of seva and the joy of helping others without expecting anything in return. His commitment to aiding the hungry began with small acts of kindness and grew into a daily mission.

2. How does Kapoor manage to feed 400 people every day?

Kapoor relies on community donations of grains and disposable plates. His daily routine involves preparing and distributing home-cooked meals, supported by the generosity of local donors.

3. What is the significance of World Langar Day?

World Langar Day, as defined by Kapoor, highlights the importance of selfless service and community support in addressing hunger. It emphasizes the power of giving and the role of shared meals in fostering unity.

4. How did Kapoor handle his langar seva during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Despite the risks, Kapoor continued his service by following safety protocols and undergoing regular medical check-ups. His dedication ensured that the langar seva remained uninterrupted.

5. What are Kapoor’s future plans for his langar seva?

Kapoor dreams of building a Gurudwara in Nagpur that will offer langar seva 24/7, providing continuous support to those in need and furthering his mission of selfless service.

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