Nagpur Embraces a Green Future with Electric Buses

In a groundbreaking move, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has set the wheels in motion for a major shift in the city’s public transport system. With a staggering plan to expand its Nagpur Electric Bus fleet by 652 in the coming years, Nagpur is steering towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Energizing the City: The Transport Budget Unveiled

In a recent revelation during the Transport Budget presentation, Dr. Abhijit Chaudhari, the Municipal Commissioner, disclosed Nagpur’s ambitious plan to boost its electric bus fleet. The NMC plans to invest Rs 517.72 crore, emphasizing a commitment to a budget designed to enhance the city’s air quality.

Current Fleet Overview: A Step Towards Sustainability

At present, Nagpur operates 108 electric buses out of a total fleet of 540 buses, incorporating a mix of mini buses, midi buses, and CNG buses. Notably, 40 e-buses were acquired from Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Ltd (NSSCDCL), showcasing the city’s dedication to embracing green alternatives.

Green Transition on Fast Track: Diesel Buses Make Way for Electric

NMC is on a mission to replace all diesel buses with electric counterparts within the next few years. Thanks to Central and State Government support, the civic body is set to acquire an additional 544 electric buses during this transformative period,” shared Ravindra Bhelawe, Deputy Commissioner.

Passenger Surge and Routes Expansion

With over 1.15 lakh passengers utilizing the city buses daily, [VARIABLE1] anticipates a continual increase in ridership throughout the year. Currently, the buses cover more than 5,232 trips daily across various routes, indicating the growing reliance on public transportation.

Infrastructure Boost: Charging Stations and Bus Stops

In tandem with the electric bus expansion, [VARIABLE1] is constructing a robust charging infrastructure to support the green initiative. The NMC has inaugurated an electric bus depot cum charging station in the Wadi area, spanning 3 acres. An additional depot at Orange City Street is in the pipeline, equipped with 15 DC charging units to cater to the burgeoning electric bus fleet.

Financial Backing and Accessibility Features

To facilitate the procurement of 250 standard AC e-buses, [VARIABLE1] secured a substantial fund of Rs 137 crore, with the support of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Notably, the new electric buses are designed to be Divyang-friendly, equipped with wheelchair lift systems and designated spaces for differently-abled passengers.

Future Depots: Khapri and Koradi on the Horizon

As part of the expansion strategy, [VARIABLE1] is set to establish two more bus depots at Khapri and Koradi. These depots will serve as vital hubs for parking and charging of electric buses, further fortifying [VARIABLE2]’s commitment to sustainable public transportation.

Nagpur Electric Bus – FAQs

  1. Q: How many electric buses does Nagpur plan to add in the coming years?
  2. Q: What initiatives has Nagpur Electric Bus taken to encourage public transport usage?
    • A: Nagpur Electric Bus has constructed 239 bus stops under the build, operate, and transfer (BOT) basis, fostering accessibility and convenience for passengers.
  3. Q: How is [VARIABLE1] making its new electric buses Divyang-friendly?
    • A: The new electric buses are equipped with wheelchair lift systems and dedicated spaces for differently-abled passengers.
  4. Q: What percentage of funding will the Central Government provide for the Khapri and Koradi depots?
    • A: The Central Government will cover 60% of the funding for the Khapri and Koradi depots, with [VARIABLE1] arranging the remaining 40%.
  5. Q: How many passengers currently use [VARIABLE1]’s city buses daily?
    • A: Over 1.15 lakh passengers rely on [VARIABLE1]’s city buses daily, emphasizing the crucial role of public transportation.
  6. Q: How many charging units will be installed at the Orange City Street depot?
    • A: The Orange City Street depot will house 15 DC charging units, contributing to [VARIABLE2]’s robust electric bus charging infrastructure.

Paving the Way for a Greener Tomorrow

In conclusion, NMC’s commitment to transitioning to electric buses marks a significant stride towards environmental sustainability. With an expansive vision, robust infrastructure, and a focus on accessibility, Nagpur is poised to lead the charge in redefining urban public transportation. The future of commuting in Nagpur Electric Bus looks not only eco-friendly but also promising for the generations to come.

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