Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Vision for 2024-25: Aapli Bus, Sustainability, and Beyond

Nagpur: In the pivotal election year, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) transport department unveils a forward-thinking ₹517.41 crore budget for the fiscal year 2024-25. Notably, Aapli bus fares remain unchanged, reflecting a commitment to the community’s welfare. The focus, however, is on embracing innovation, particularly the introduction of more air-conditioned electric buses.

Aapli Bus: Keeping Commutes Affordable

Despite the challenges of the current economic climate, the NMC allocates ₹225 crore for operating the Aapli bus fleet. Estimated revenue of ₹105 crore is anticipated from ticket sales, with an additional ₹120 crore earmarked as viability gap funding, ensuring the sustainability of this vital public service.

In alignment with its dedication to the public, the NMC continues to prioritize concessions for specific passenger categories, ensuring accessibility for all. This commitment underscores the corporation’s role as a facilitator of inclusive and affordable transportation.

Fiscal Responsibility: A Transparent Glimpse

Examining the revised budget for the current financial year (2023-24), the NMC anticipates a revenue of ₹342.43 crore against an expenditure of approximately ₹342.12 crore. This responsible financial management echoes the corporation’s dedication to prudent resource allocation.

The Budget Breakdown

Special Grants and Contributions

The budget for 2024-25 witnesses an uptick, driven by a special grant of ₹137 crore from the state government and an infusion of ₹72 crore from the 15th Finance Commission. These additional funds empower the NMC to pursue ambitious initiatives and enhance public services.

Electric Revolution: Aapli Buses Go Green

A significant highlight is the strategic move towards sustainability, with the Aapli Bus (Nagpur) service set to welcome 250 electric buses from the state and an additional 150 e-buses from the central government in the upcoming year. Notably, in 2022, NMC collaborated with PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Private Limited, securing 144 AC e-buses. With 57 already delivered, the remaining 87 are expected by next month end.

Transformative Initiatives

Modernizing Commuter Experience

In a commendable partnership with a private firm, the transport department has facilitated the setup of 239 modern bus shelters. Beyond offering shelter, these state-of-the-art facilities promise an enhanced commuter experience, and the department expects to generate ₹14,600 per shelter as a form of royalty.

Integrated Bus Transport Management

Anticipating future needs, the NMC is actively in the process of appointing a new Integrated Bus Transport Management operator. This strategic move aims to streamline operations, ensuring efficiency and optimal service delivery.

  1. What is the primary focus of NMC’s transport department in 2024-25?
    • The primary focus is on sustainability and innovation, particularly with the introduction of more air-conditioned electric buses for the Aapli Bus service.
  2. How has the budget allocation changed for the current fiscal year compared to the previous year?
    • The budget for 2024-25 has seen an increase, driven by a special grant from the state government and contributions from the 15th Finance Commission.
  3. What is the status of the electric buses ordered in 2022 from PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Private Limited?
    • PMI Electro Mobility Solutions has already delivered 57 AC e-buses, with the remaining 87 set to be delivered by the end of next month.
  4. How is the NMC addressing the needs of specific passenger categories?
    • The NMC continues to provide concessions to specific passenger categories, emphasizing accessibility and inclusivity.
  5. What initiatives are in place to enhance the commuter experience beyond transportation?
    • A notable initiative involves the setup of 239 modern bus shelters with advanced facilities, generating revenue for the department in the form of royalty.
  6. What steps are being taken for the construction of an electric bus depot in the financial year 2024-25?
    • A provision of ₹42.63 crore has been made for the construction of the electric bus depot, reflecting the commitment to sustainable transportation.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s visionary budget for 2024-25 underscores its commitment to the community, sustainability, and technological advancement. As Aapli bus pave the way for an electric revolution, and modernization initiatives enhance the commuter experience, NMC sets a commendable standard for municipal transportation. With financial prudence, transparency, and a green vision, the NMC paves the way for a more accessible and eco-friendly future.

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