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NIT’s Grand Initiative to Restore Bakht Buland Shah’s Grave

In a historic move, the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has undertaken a noble mission to restore and rejuvenate the final resting place of the illustrious Bakht Buland Shah. The grave, nestled in a once-royal family graveyard dating back to the early 17th century, has long been neglected, overshadowed by encroachments and the passage of time.

A Heritage in Ruins

A Graveyard Lost in Time

For over 300 years, Bakht Buland Shah’s grave has endured neglect, situated in an unkempt and nondescript royal family graveyard spanning one acre in Sakkardara. The burial ground houses 27 graves of Gond King Azam Shah’s forefathers, making it a vital historical site.

Menacing Encroachments

The heritage site, a testament to Nagpur’s foundation, faces encroachment from all sides by vendors and residents. The Nagpur Improvement Trust aims to reclaim the sanctity of this historic ground.

NIT’s Pledge to Restoration

A Heritage in Need

Recognizing the significance of the graveyard as a national heritage, NIT chairman Manojkumar Suryawanshi affirms their commitment to restoring and renovating Bakht Buland Shah’s final resting place.

Abiding by Heritage Norms

In an exclusive statement to TOI, Suryawanshi assures that the restoration work will strictly adhere to heritage norms, ensuring the preservation of the historical authenticity of the site.

Current State of Despair

Encroachments and Neglect

The mausoleums in Azamshah layout, Sakkardara, housing the royal family’s final resting places, are not only encroached upon but also neglected by both authorities and descendants.

NIT’s Anti-Encroachment Drive

As part of their development plan, NIT’s anti-encroachment squad recently demolished illegal constructions in the vicinity, setting the stage for the upcoming restoration project.

The Detailed Makeover Plan

Beyond Tombstones

Chairman Suryawanshi emphasizes NIT’s holistic approach, stating that the makeover plan encompasses not only the graves but the entire premises. The restoration will not just revive its past glory but also redefine the aesthetic of the entire area.

NIT’s Vision

“We will concentrate on the whole premises, not just the graves. The restoration work will not only restore its past glory but will also give a new look to the premises,” Suryawanshi said, highlighting NIT’s vision for the project.

NIT to Renovate Bakht Buland Shah’s Grave

NIT’s decision to renovate Bakht Buland Shah’s grave underscores their dedication to preserving the historical legacy of Nagpur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is Bakht Buland Shah’s grave significant?

A1: Bakht Buland Shah laid the foundation of Nagpur over 300 years ago, making his grave a crucial historical site.

Q2: How will NIT ensure the preservation of heritage norms?

A2: NIT chairman Manojkumar Suryawanshi has assured that the restoration work will strictly adhere to heritage norms.

Q3: What is NIT’s development plan for the entire premises?

A3: NIT aims to beautify the existing place without disturbing the tombstones, focusing on the holistic restoration of the entire premises.

Q4: Why did NIT conduct an anti-encroachment drive?

A4: NIT’s anti-encroachment drive was part of their development plan to clear illegal constructions and pave the way for the restoration project.

Q5: What is the significance of the mausoleums in Azamshah layout?

A5: The mausoleums in Azamshah layout house the final resting places of the royal family, adding to the historical value of the site.

Q6: How does NIT plan to achieve a new look for the premises?

A6: Chairman Suryawanshi envisions a comprehensive restoration that goes beyond the graves, providing a fresh and revitalized aesthetic to the entire area.

The Nagpur Improvement Trust’s initiative to renovate Bakht Buland Shah’s grave marks a pivotal moment in the preservation of Nagpur’s rich history. With a detailed makeover plan, a commitment to heritage norms, and a vision for the holistic restoration of the premises, NIT stands as a beacon of hope for the revival of this historic site. As Bakht Buland Shah’s legacy is honored, Nagpur takes a significant step towards reclaiming its past.

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