Nagpur’s Smart Move: Multi-Storey Parking Plaza Rescues Sitabuldi from Parking Woes

Nagpur Parking Solutions: a bustling city known for its vibrant commercial hubs, is about to witness a significant transformation. The Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation Ltd (NSSCDCL) is set to unveil its multi-storey parking plaza in Sitabuldi on March 15, promising to alleviate the perennial parking problems that have plagued one of the city’s busiest commercial areas.

A Panacea for Parking Woes

The innovative parking plaza is a strategic response to the chaotic situation caused by encroachments from hawkers in Sitabuldi. Recognizing the need for a solution, the smart city embarked on a mission to construct a four-storey parking facility within an area owned by the civic body, investing Rs 5 crore in this endeavor.

Smart Expansion: Itwari’s Anaj Bazaar

But that’s not the only smart move in the city’s parking strategy. The NSSCDCL is simultaneously developing a similar parking plaza in Itwari’s Anaj Bazaar, also at a cost of Rs 5 crore. This multi-story parking haven is expected to cater to at least 25 cars and 150 two-wheelers, ensuring a holistic solution to the city’s growing parking needs.

Unveiling the Grand Vision

The grand vision of the smart city doesn’t stop there. Initially proposing four smart parking plazas across the city, the idea faced constraints in implementing two of them—at Gokulpeth Market and near the Gandhisagar area—due to limited space, as confirmed by an official source. Despite encountering setbacks, the corporation remains committed to innovative parking solutions.

Halted Ambitions: Gokulpeth Market

The Gokulpeth Market witnessed a temporary halt in its parking plaza construction, with Rs 20 lakh already invested. The interruption occurred as the NMC and NIT were in the process of redeveloping the Gokulpeth commercial complex, underscoring the challenges faced in implementing urban development projects seamlessly.

Collaborative Efforts: NMC’s Role

Simultaneously, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is actively identifying parking spots throughout the city. Out of the planned 75 on-street parking spaces, 11 spots are now operational. However, due to objections from traffic police, NMC faced hurdles in initiating parking facilities at other locations.

A Joint Survey for Future Solutions

In a collaborative effort, the NMC and traffic police have initiated a joint survey for 62 potential parking sites. A senior NMC official affirmed that the remaining parking areas would soon be declared operational, promising a comprehensive solution to the city’s parking challenges.

Nagpur’s journey towards smart and sustainable parking solutions is indeed commendable. The multi-storey parking plaza in Sitabuldi marks a significant step forward in enhancing the city’s infrastructure, promising relief to residents and businesses alike. As urban spaces evolve, proactive measures like these underscore the city’s commitment to progress and innovation.


  1. When will the multi-storey parking plaza in Sitabuldi be operational?
    • The plaza is set to become operational from March 15, providing a timely solution to parking woes.
  2. How much does it cost to park at the NSSCDCL parking plaza?
    • The parking charges will be nominal, with rates for both two and four-wheelers to be decided in a joint meeting of NSSCDCL and NMC.
  3. What is the capacity of the Itwari’s Anaj Bazaar parking plaza?
    • The multi-story parking plaza in Itwari’s Anaj Bazaar is expected to accommodate at least 25 cars and 150 two-wheelers.
  4. Why were the plans for two additional plazas dropped?
  5. How many on-street parking spaces has the NMC operationalized so far?
    • Out of the planned 75 on-street parking spaces, NMC has started facilities at 11 spots, with plans for more in the pipeline.

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