Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Aged 17 or Above? Here’s How You Can Register to Get a New Voter ID Card

Voter ID registration |Voter Portal | Voter Helpline: In just a few weeks, India will witness the commencement of the 18th Lok Sabha Elections, scheduled to occur between April 19 and June 4 in multiple phases. As the nation gears up for this democratic process, it’s crucial to ensure that every eligible citizen exercises their right to vote. However, to cast your vote, you need a valid Voter ID card. But fret not if you haven’t acquired one yet; here’s all you need to know about registering for a new Voter ID card, especially if you’re 17 or above.

Understanding the New Voter Registration Process

Following the culmination of the elections, the registration process for new Voter ID cards will recommence. This time, there’s a notable change: individuals aged 17 and above are eligible to apply for Voter ID registration in advance. Unlike before, where only those who turned 18 by January 1 were allowed to apply, the new regulations now extend eligibility to individuals turning 18 on April 1, July 1, or October 1 in 2024.

Online Registration Process

Registering for a Voter ID card has never been easier, thanks to online platforms. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. ECI App: Download the Election Commission of India (ECI) app from the Play Store or App Store and follow the instructions to apply.
  2. Voter Portal: Alternatively, visit voterportal.eci.gov.in, navigate to the ‘New Registrations for General Elections’ section, and fill out Form 6. Ensure you provide all necessary documents and a passport-sized photo.
  3. Application Tracking: Keep track of your application status using the reference number provided upon submission.

Offline Registration Process

If you prefer the traditional route, offline registration is also an option:

  1. Booth Level Office (BLO): Head to the BLO in your locality, complete Form 6, and submit the required documents.
  2. Required Documents: Whether applying online or offline, you’ll need a passport-sized photo, identity proof, address proof, and proof of date of birth.

Remember, assistance is just a phone call away. You can dial the ‘Voter Helpline’ at 1950 for guidance throughout the registration process.

The upcoming Lok Sabha Elections present an opportunity for every eligible individual to participate in shaping the nation’s future. Don’t miss out on exercising your democratic right. Ensure you’re registered as a voter by following the simple steps outlined above.


  1. Who is eligible to register for a new Voter ID card?
    • Individuals aged 17 and above, including those turning 18 on April 1, July 1, or October 1 in 2024, are eligible.
  2. Can I apply for a Voter ID card online?
    • Yes, you can apply online through the ECI app or the Voter Portal.
  3. What documents are required for Voter ID registration?
    • You’ll need a passport-sized photo, identity proof, address proof, and proof of date of birth.
  4. Is there a helpline for assistance during the registration process?
    • Yes, you can call the ‘Voter Helpline’ at 1950 for guidance.
  5. Can I register offline for a Voter ID card?
    • Absolutely, visit the Booth Level Office (BLO) in your locality to register offline.

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