Weekly horoscope 26 Jan-01 Feb | Astrologer Abhishek Soni

Aries: During this week the Aquarius sign is too much triggered and the solar effect on this sign suggests an emphasis on long-term relationships and joint ventures. Long-term partnerships have ends and beginnings. We may be from both the private and public sectors. Projects will also be coming up from the technical and communications sector. The planet of logical thinking and communication, Mercury, should make you a scholar. Team relationships can be undergoing some form of tension. Old friends may leave and there may be new people coming up. It’s also a networking opportunity for activities.

Taurus: Your career has many challenges to it. For any Taurus, the passage of Sun and Mercury through the career field may not be that impressive. This is a time to start anew at work. Mercury indicates communications and shows troubled communications when it is close to the Sun. Your primary aim should be to complete your work perfectly. With your current job, do not take any risks; however, there is nothing wrong with knowing the labor market trend. Serious contact will also be maintained with your teammates. Projects may come up from the communication-related domain.

Gemini: The Sun and Mercury set the spirituality and adventure sector in motion. There will be some Media-related resources. Out – of-country travel and international cooperation ventures may also come up during this week. You’ll always want to go for higher studies, but you’ll need to test the plans first. For those who are writers and vloggers too, this is a good time. This is a multitasking week and that can also cause you physical problems. You need a proper plan for your everyday life. This is a chance also to learn more about the spiritual life.

Cancer: You also cause your relationships and finances with the Sun and Mercury. This couple will deliver some frustrating messages to your friends. You may also have an intense curiosity about collaborations. There will be some heated arguments both concerning finances and partnerships. Seek to be straightforward and honest with both your company and your partner in life. It can make you very arguative as Mercury is closer to the Sun. It’s a good time to look for part-time jobs and that can make your income higher. You’re always going to be interested in healing and supernatural sciences. Minor physical conditions may be a feature of this week as well.

Leo: This week, the Sun and Mercury will trigger your relationship industry. For a few days, this influence will be there. There is going to be a lot of communication about your relations. It will highlight your personal and professional relationships. New relationships may arise. There are also opportunities for new business contracts. It’s a time for a new job offer as well. All these partnerships will have some difficulty. This is a week for networking events, too. You are going to get new contacts too.

Virgo: During these days the physical and mental health system is being severely stimulated. All sectors will be affected directly and indirectly by three planets and there is also an emphasis on your job area. The lower region of your abdomen has become very responsive, so take care of your diet. You’ll be having discussions about new projects at work. Communication, finance, media, and computer programs may be coming up. You could even be working to get new projects. This is also the time for new research commencements at different levels.

Libra: This week to the emphasis on your creative energies will be strong. This is the time to show off your creative side of the job. Through these creative projects, you’ll have financial gains too. There will be few networking activities and through these, you will meet good contacts. Nonetheless, with respect to your romantic relationships, you’ll have problems and strive not to be violent. Over this week, skill development may also occur. Anyone working with kids and youth groups could have some new projects. Joining new teams and new long-term projects this is a week too. Sometimes, you’ll attend social gatherings.

Scorpio: The Sun and Mercury are activating the house, kin, ancestral, parent and ancestral property market. Such planets will also activate the work sector and the bosses. Home and job will need to be given equal importance. You can meet with members of your family and your friends. There are also real estate sales and the clearing of debris. Fixing and repairing is a part of that month as well. There are grounds for claims too. It also has problem-solving sessions at home. This is also a sign particularly for minor health conditions, breathing difficulties. So, you have to be vigilant about that. It’s not a perfect time to move around alone. It’ll be good to talk with your family about everything.

Sagittarius: A communication-related field should expect new beginnings. There is a planetary cluster that triggers things like short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. There will be short journeys and short projects coming in. This is a time for multitasking, so you may run into many challenges. Such problems can also cause minor physical difficulties. A lot of contacts must take place with the kids. Electronics, networking, and communications ventures can also come up. Those who have their own projects will get opportunities to make things better. This is a great time for networking too. You can find a new method of earning.

Capricorn: The industry is highly activated by the Sun and Mercury for wealth, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. Your investments will receive a lot of attention. You’re looking for a new idea to get your finances better. You might also have to pay for that. I can come up with new ideas. The ones with their own projects are going to be very successful. This is also spending time, so you’ve tried to control your expenses. You should seek a lot of added value. You have to be vigilant as this is a challenging time for you and in a busy schedule, you may find yourself a little confused.

Aquarius: The sector includes a multi-planetary combination of self, perception, goals, physical body, and personality. Your own life is undergoing a transformation. You’re going to try to improve your looks and health. This is also a time for new personal and professional life choices. Minor health problems can occur whenever this sector is activated. You may become a self-obsessive sort of thing. This is a time for drawing up new plans. There’s going to be a lot of things around you. It can also bring new people and new opportunities to you. This energy will also be reflective for relationships in the sector. We are also seeing new contracts and agreements. You can be getting new ideas at work.

Fishes: The sun and mercury trigger your emotional self and your fears. This isn’t the time for people to show themselves and demand something from others. Try to learn more about yourself, and that’ll help you stay in peace. You will certainly have several emotional concerns when the fiery planet like Sun is activating the moksha field. You will also be nervous at work and you may believe that people are not so cooperative. Do, however, control your emotions, and spend time building up spiritually. You are going to try calming activities and also this is a good time for meditation.

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