Mor Bhavan Bus Stop Platforms Revamped to Combat Waterlogging Woes

In the heart of Nagpur, the bustling cityscape is often met with challenges during the rainy season. Among the areas affected, the Mor Bhavan extension in Sitabuldi, serving as a hub for Aapli Bus vehicles, faced significant hurdles due to waterlogging. However, recent developments by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) have aimed to mitigate these issues, ensuring smoother transit operations and enhanced commuter experiences.

Addressing the Issue

Amid intermittent rainfall, the extended bus terminus area at Mor Bhavan became muddy, impeding the efficient operation of the Aapli Bus fleet. Recognizing the urgency, municipal commissioner Abhijeet Chaudhari took proactive steps, directing the hotmix department to undertake measures to level and harden the depot ground. This directive was crucial in ensuring the seamless functioning of the transit system.

The Renovation Initiative

The NMC’s initiative to renovate the Mor Bhavan bus terminus is a testament to its commitment to improving urban infrastructure. With plans to develop a bus terminus on a 7-acre plot within Mor Bhavan, congestion along Amravati Road and North Ambazari Road is expected to reduce significantly. The current constraints, including limited space and platform availability, have prompted this strategic move to optimize transit operations.

Collaborative Efforts

Effective coordination between the hot mix department and the transport department has been instrumental in expediting renovation efforts. By swiftly executing the leveling and hardening of the depot area, the teams have facilitated smoother traffic flow and enhanced commuter safety.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Recent developments include the completion of a 12-meter wide internal road at the southern entrance of the depot, with plans for additional roads and stormwater networks underway. These infrastructure upgrades aim to address waterlogging concerns and ensure the longevity of the renovated bus terminus.

The renovation of Mor Bhavan bus stop platforms marks a significant milestone in Nagpur’s urban development agenda. By addressing waterlogging issues and optimizing transit infrastructure, the NMC is poised to enhance commuter experiences and streamline transit operations in the city.

  1. Why were the Mor Bhavan bus stop platforms renovated?
    • The renovation aimed to combat waterlogging issues and optimize transit operations in Nagpur.
  2. What measures were taken to prevent waterlogging at the bus terminus?
  3. How will the renovation benefit commuters in Nagpur?
    • By improving infrastructure and reducing congestion, commuters can expect smoother transit experiences and enhanced safety.
  4. Who spearheaded the renovation initiative at Mor Bhavan?
    • Municipal commissioner Abhijeet Chaudhari played a pivotal role in directing renovation efforts to address waterlogging concerns.
  5. What future plans does the NMC have for enhancing urban infrastructure in Nagpur?
    • The NMC aims to continue upgrading transit facilities and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the city.

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