Cracking Down on Malpractices: NMC’s Action Against 14 Aapli Bus Conductors

In a bid to curb malpractices among Aapli Bus conductors, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) transport department has taken decisive action. Recently, the IDs of 14 conductors, including two females, were deactivated for various violations. This move comes as a stern warning to those engaging in misconduct within the public transportation system.

Identifying the Issue

The NMC transport department identified several instances of misconduct among Aapli Bus conductors. These ranged from allowing commuters to board buses without tickets to issuing tickets at lower fares and displaying inappropriate behavior towards passengers. Such actions not only undermine the integrity of the transportation system but also pose risks to commuter safety and revenue loss for the corporation.

Contracted Services

M/s Unity Security Force and Training Institute Nagpur, the agency responsible for supplying conductors to Aapli Bus, has also received warnings regarding the conduct of its employees. This highlights the importance of accountability at every level of service provision within the public sector.

Transport Manager’s Response

Transport manager Mahesh Dhamecha emphasized the seriousness of the issue in an interview with TOI. He reiterated the corporation’s commitment to ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining high standards of service delivery.

Implications and Consequences

The deactivation of conductor IDs serves as a clear message that misconduct will not be tolerated within the public transportation system. It sends a strong signal to both conductors and the contracting agency that accountability and adherence to regulations are paramount.

Ensuring Passenger Safety

By cracking down on malpractices, the NMC aims to enhance passenger safety and restore public trust in the Aapli Bus service. Commuters should feel confident in the reliability and integrity of the transportation system, knowing that measures are in place to address any misconduct swiftly.

Future Measures

Moving forward, the NMC will continue to monitor and enforce regulations governing the conduct of Aapli Bus conductors. This proactive approach underscores the corporation’s commitment to providing a safe, efficient, and transparent public transportation system for the residents of Nagpur.

The NMC’s action against 14 Aapli Bus conductors reflects its dedication to upholding standards of integrity and accountability within the public transportation sector. By addressing misconduct decisively, the corporation aims to foster a culture of compliance and responsibility among all stakeholders.


  1. What prompted the NMC to take action against Aapli Bus conductors?
    • The NMC identified various instances of misconduct, including ticketing irregularities and inappropriate behavior towards passengers.
  2. How will the deactivation of conductor IDs impact Aapli Bus services?
    • It serves as a deterrent to misconduct and reinforces the importance of compliance with regulations.
  3. What role does the contracting agency play in ensuring conductor accountability?
    • The agency is responsible for supplying conductors to Aapli Bus and must ensure that its employees adhere to regulations.
  4. How does the NMC plan to maintain passenger safety moving forward?
    • By monitoring and enforcing regulations governing conductor conduct and taking swift action against any violations.
  5. What message does this action send to commuters and stakeholders?
    • It underscores the NMC’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and passenger safety within the public transportation system.

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