Nagpur’s Green Revolution: NMC’s ₹550 Crore Boost Ahead of LS Polls

Nagpur Development: In a visionary move to transform Nagpur into a ‘Green City,’ Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced a groundbreaking ₹550 crore bonanza by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). This strategic initiative aims to redefine the city’s landscape, making it a shining example of sustainable urban living.

Paving the Green Path: Electric Buses and Infrastructure Overhaul

Emphasizing their commitment to eco-friendly public transport, Fadnavis highlighted plans to replace traditional diesel buses with ‘green’ electric counterparts. This shift aligns with the city’s vision for a cleaner and greener transportation system. The leaders expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gadkari in enhancing basic amenities in Nagpur.

Bhoomi Puja Extravaganza: Unveiling 19 Transformative Projects (Nagpur Development)

Gadkari and Fadnavis conducted six bhoomi pujas, marking the initiation of 19 projects valued at ₹552.96 crore. This significant investment underscores the government’s commitment to the city’s development. MLC Pravin Datke, MLAs Krishna Khopde, and Vikas Thakre, along with key officials, joined the event, symbolizing a collaborative effort towards progress.

A Decade of Transformation: Infrastructural Marvels

Over the past decade, Nagpur has witnessed a remarkable infrastructural metamorphosis. From the introduction of Metro trains to the deployment of electric air-conditioned buses and the construction of pothole-free cement concrete roads, the city has undergone a radical transformation. Fadnavis reassured citizens that sewage-related grievances would be addressed through a ₹3,000 crore sewerage strengthening project.

Securing Water Future: NMC’s 24-Hour Water Supply Project

Gadkari assured Nagpur residents that the city would not face water scarcity until 2070, attributing this security to NMC’s 24-hour water supply project, covering 70% of the city (Green City). Corrective measures in the Nag river basin and downstream of Ambazari dam have been implemented to prevent a recurrence of the 23/9 flood from the previous year.

Bridges to Connectivity: Ensuring Nag River’s Uninterrupted Flow

Two crucial bridges at Ramdaspeth and Panchsheel Square on Wardha road will ensure the unobstructed flow of the Nag River. These infrastructure additions not only enhance connectivity but also contribute to flood prevention efforts.

Culinary Heights: 25-Storey Food Malls

In a novel move, Gadkari announced plans for 25-storey food malls in the city, providing dedicated space for roadside eateries. This initiative aims to elevate citizens’ dining experiences, offering clean surroundings and high-quality cuisine at these unique venues.

Nagpur’s Sustainable Future

Nagpur’s journey towards becoming a ‘Green City’ is marked by visionary leadership and substantial investments. The transformative projects, coupled with the focus on eco-friendly solutions, position Nagpur as a city poised for sustainable growth and development.


  1. What is the significance of the ₹550 crore bonanza for Nagpur? The investment signifies a major step towards transforming Nagpur into a ‘Green City,’ focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.
  2. How will the introduction of electric buses impact public transport in Nagpur? The shift to electric buses aligns with the city’s commitment to a cleaner and greener transportation system, reducing environmental impact.
  3. What are the key highlights of the 19 projects initiated by NMC? The projects, valued at ₹552.96 crore, cover various infrastructural aspects, showcasing a holistic approach to city development.
  4. How is Nagpur addressing water scarcity concerns until 2070? Gadkari assures residents that NMC’s 24-hour water supply project, covering 70% of the city, ensures water security for Nagpur until 2070.
  5. What is the purpose behind the construction of 25-storey food malls in Nagpur? The food malls aim to provide dedicated spaces for roadside eateries, enhancing citizens’ dining experiences in a clean and high-quality environment.

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