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Rs 204 Crore Released for Flood Damage Relief in Nagpur

Government Allocates Funds for Reconstruction

In a swift response to the aftermath of the September flood in Nagpur, the state government has sanctioned a substantial relief fund of Rs 204 crore. The allocation is aimed at compensating for the extensive damage incurred during the deluge.

Reconstruction Endeavors

Security Walls and Road Repairs Prioritized

The allocated funds will be dedicated to the reconstruction of damaged security walls along river drains and the repair of roads. Administrative approval has been granted for a comprehensive plan, earmarking Rs 162.31 crore for an 8.41-kilometer security wall and Rs 41.48 crore for the construction of a 61.38-kilometer road.

Compensation Process Initiated

Municipal Corporation Takes Proactive Measures

To facilitate compensation for losses in Nagpur, Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dr. Abhijeet Chaudhari directed his officers to compile a detailed report. Following this directive, the proposal was promptly submitted to the State Government through the PWD.

Government Support Acknowledged

Previous Fund Allocation and Ongoing Assistance

Notably, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has already received a compensation fund of Rs 8 crore from the state government for the losses incurred. Based on the parameters outlined by the State Disaster Response Fund, the government has approved the distribution of a substantial fund totaling Rs 838.54 crore to address the extensive damage caused by the flood on September 22.

Flood Relief Compensation Breakdown

Detailed Fund Allocation

  • Security Wall Reconstruction: Rs 162.31 Crore
    • Aiming to rebuild 8.41 kilometers of security walls along river drains.
  • Road Repair Fund: Rs 41.48 Crore
    • Allocated for the repair and reconstruction of 61.38 kilometers of roads affected by the flood.

Proactive Approach to Loss Compensation

NMC’s Efforts and Government Approval

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s efforts, coupled with the swift approval from the State Government, signify a proactive approach to addressing the impact of the flood. The release of Rs 204 crore for reconstruction emphasizes the collective commitment to restoring normalcy and rebuilding the affected areas.

With this substantial financial infusion, the affected regions in Nagpur can embark on the path of recovery. The focused allocation of funds for security walls and roads reflects a strategic approach to rebuilding essential infrastructure, ensuring resilience against future calamities. The collaborative efforts between municipal authorities and the state government stand as a testament to their dedication to the well-being and recovery of the affected communities.

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