Enhancing Convenience on Samruddhi Highway: Bombay High Court’s Call for Improved Facilities

Addressing Critical Needs Along Samruddhi Highway

Bombay High Court intervention: The Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court has issued a significant directive regarding the Samruddhi Highway project, emphasizing the urgent need for essential amenities such as petrol pumps, washrooms, and restaurants. This directive aims to enhance the convenience and safety of travelers along this ambitious state government initiative. Let’s delve deeper into the court’s decision and its implications.

The Urgent Call for Necessary Facilities (Bombay High Court intervention)

During a recent hearing presided over by Justices Nitin Sambre and Abhay Mantri, the Bombay High Court underscored the importance of promptly providing vital amenities along the Samruddhi Highway. This highway project, spanning from Nagpur to Nashik, holds immense promise for improved connectivity and transportation infrastructure in Maharashtra. However, the lack of essential facilities poses a significant inconvenience and safety risk to commuters.

Social activist Anil Wadpalliwar’s Public Interest Litigation (PIL) highlighted the pressing need for facilities like petrol pumps, toilets, and rest areas along the Samruddhi Highway. The court has also involved all major oil companies as respondents to address the petrol pump scarcity issue effectively.

Safety Concerns and Policy Ambiguity

Despite the project’s potential benefits, concerns about safety and compensation for accident victims persist. Adv. Sandeep Badana raised pertinent questions regarding the state government’s compensation policy for accident victims on the Samruddhi Highway, urging for clarity and decisive action.

Addressing Challenges and Oversight

A study by the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology revealed alarming instances of drivers falling victim to hypnosis, resulting in fatal accidents along the highway. Despite pleas for intervention, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation has yet to take concrete steps to mitigate these risks.

The Bombay High Court has diligently pursued this matter, issuing notices to all concerned parties and extending deadlines to ensure accountability. However, the managing director of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation and the general manager of Nagpur are yet to provide satisfactory responses, prompting the court to grant a final deadline extension.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for Enhanced Infrastructure and Safety Measures

The Bombay High Court’s intervention underscores the critical need for immediate action to improve facilities and address safety concerns along the Samruddhi Highway. As Maharashtra’s flagship infrastructure project, ensuring the convenience and well-being of commuters should be a top priority for all stakeholders involved.


  1. **Why is the Bombay High Court intervening in the Samruddhi Highway project?
    • The court is addressing the lack of essential amenities and safety concerns along the highway, prioritizing the well-being of commuters.
  2. **What measures are being advocated for by social activists and legal representatives?
    • Advocates are pushing for the prompt establishment of facilities such as petrol pumps, washrooms, and rest areas, along with clarity on compensation policies for accident victims.
  3. **What challenges have arisen regarding safety on the Samruddhi Highway?
    • Studies have revealed instances of drivers experiencing hypnosis, leading to fatal accidents. This underscores the urgent need for intervention and preventive measures.
  4. **How has the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation responded to these concerns?
    • Despite calls for action, the corporation has yet to take concrete steps to address safety risks and improve infrastructure along the highway.
  5. **What actions has the Bombay High Court taken to ensure accountability?
    • The court has issued notices to relevant parties and extended deadlines, emphasizing the importance of prompt and effective responses to address the ongoing issues.

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