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Why the Decision to Allow Vivekananda Smarak at Ambazari Lake?

Nagpur: In recent months, the contentious issue of the proposed Vivekananda Memorial near Ambazari Lake has ignited heated debates and legal confrontations. The Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court, headed by Justice Nitin Sambre and Justice Abhay Mantri, has intervened, questioning the rationale behind permitting such construction near this ecologically sensitive area. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this debate and examine the factors at play.

The High Court’s Verdict: Prioritizing Citizen Safety

The High Court’s stance underscores the paramount importance of safeguarding citizens amidst rampant construction activities near vital water bodies like dams and wetlands. Expressing dissatisfaction with the Irrigation Department’s affidavit, the court highlighted discrepancies in dam management and water discharge protocols. Such concerns reflect the need for transparency and accountability in decision-making processes affecting public safety.

Key Points of Contention

One of the central issues revolves around the construction of four water discharge gates at Ambazari, with an estimated release of 75 cubic meters of water. The court’s dismay at leaving the fate of the memorial to a committee post-construction underscores the gravity of the situation. Moreover, questions regarding the legality of constructing a memorial on wetland territory necessitate clarification on relevant laws governing such activities.

Accountability and Transparency

The High Court’s hint at holding accountable officers responsible for controversial decisions signals a shift towards greater accountability in governance. Suggestions of recovering costs from salaries underscore the repercussions of negligence in decision-making processes. Such measures aim to ensure accountability and prevent future lapses in judgment.

In response to citizens’ apprehensions about Ambazari Lake’s safety, the Irrigation Department pledged to complete necessary strengthening works by August 7. However, incidents of waterlogging in nearby settlements during heavy rains in September 2023 raised doubts about the Department’s efficacy. This prompted citizens to file a public interest litigation (PIL), represented by various legal advocates.

Striking a Balance

The debate surrounding the Vivekananda Memorial at Ambazari Lake epitomizes the delicate balance between development and environmental conservation. While honoring Swami Vivekananda’s legacy is commendable, it must not come at the cost of endangering vital ecosystems. The legal scrutiny underscores the need for thorough assessment and adherence to environmental regulations in such endeavors.

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