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Drive On Wrong Side, You Could Land In Prison

Nagpur Traffic rules: In Nagpur, a significant shift in traffic enforcement has taken place, marking a pivotal moment in road safety measures. Nagpur, being the first city in Maharashtra, has adopted a stringent approach by filing FIRs against individuals driving on the wrong side instead of merely issuing fines. This approach, initiated between March 4 and 19 with 265 FIRs filed, aims to create a more effective deterrent, compelling violators to face legal proceedings for their actions.

A Judicial Push for Stringent Enforcement

The decision to escalate enforcement measures comes as a response to a pointed observation by the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court division bench. Justices Nitin Sambre and Abhay Mantri emphasized that solely issuing challans or fines would not suffice in strictly enforcing traffic rules. Consequently, the Commissioner of Police, Ravinder Singal, shared that this year’s road fatalities, totaling 76 thus far, reflect a decrease compared to the previous year. Singal attributes this decline partly to the focused crackdown on violations like wrong-side driving.

Nagpur Traffic rules: Transition from Challans to FIRs

Traditionally, e-challans were the norm for penalizing traffic violations. However, due to the rampant prevalence of wrong-side driving, authorities opted for a more rigorous approach by resorting to FIRs. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shashikant Satao emphasized the commitment to maintaining strictness in dealing with violators who endanger both their lives and others’. Nagpur stands out as the pioneer in Maharashtra for implementing FIRs against wrong-way driving, setting a precedent for other cities to follow suit.

Escalating Violations and Enforcement Measures

The surge in wrong-side driving incidents is evident from the escalating number of challans issued over the years. From 3,957 in 2022, the figure rose to 6,554 in 2023. Despite these enforcement efforts, a considerable number of violators manage to evade detection by traffic authorities or CCTV cameras. During a city tour, it became apparent that many motorists flout one-way rules, often citing time and fuel efficiency as reasons for their actions.

Geographic Distribution of Enforcement Actions

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Jayesh Bhandarkar shed light on the geographic distribution of enforcement actions. The majority of FIRs within the last 16 days concentrated in the Lakadganj zone, with 73 drivers facing action, followed by Sonegaon with 30 cases. Additionally, 13 FIRs each were registered in Ajni and Sakkardara traffic zones, indicating a widespread issue demanding stringent enforcement.

Community Concerns and Consequences

Residents, such as P. Vijay from Sakkardara, express concerns about the prevalence of wrong-side driving, particularly in busy squares like Sakkardara. The absence of deterrents, such as police presence, often results in minor accidents, endangering the safety of both motorists and pedestrians.

Nagpur’s proactive approach in combating wrong-side driving serves as a model for enhancing road safety across cities. By prioritizing FIRs over fines, authorities aim to instill a greater sense of accountability among motorists, ultimately reducing accidents and fatalities on the roads.


  1. Can wrong-side driving lead to criminal charges? Yes, in Nagpur, driving on the wrong side can result in FIRs, potentially leading to legal consequences.
  2. How can motorists contribute to road safety? Motorists can adhere to traffic regulations, including one-way rules, and prioritize safety over convenience.
  3. Are there alternative routes provided to avoid long U-turns? Municipal authorities often design road networks to facilitate smooth traffic flow, minimizing the need for risky maneuvers like wrong-side driving.
  4. What measures are in place to improve enforcement efficiency? Technology, such as CCTV surveillance and automated detection systems, complements traditional policing methods, enhancing enforcement efficiency.
  5. How can residents contribute to promoting road safety awareness? Residents can engage in community initiatives, such as awareness campaigns and neighborhood watch programs, to foster a culture of responsible driving and road safety.

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